Page 10 - Annual Report 2017
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29th Annual General               professional staff of a member utility. Provision is
                                                                                 also made forthe Direàors to eleà a Chairman and
                                                                                 Vice-Chairman from among them.
                                               Seventeen (17) Full Members, Ten  (10)Associate   Currently,  the  Board  of  Direàors  of  CARILEC
                                               Members,  two  (2)  invitees  attended  the  29th   comprises  fitteen  (1 S)  members.  Fourteen  (14)
                                               Annual General Meeting of members which was   Directors  are  elected  at  the  an nuai  meeting  of
                                               held at the Sandals Grande St. Lucian Hotel.
                                                                                 members  from  among  the  Full Members  for  a
                                                                                 term  of  three  (3)  years  each,  while  one  (1)
                                               The  meeting approved the appointment of the   Director is elected  by  the Associate  Members to
                                               firm  of  Grant  Thornton  as  the  Corporation's   serve  as  their representative on the  Board  for a
                                               auditors  for  the  year  ending  December  31,   period of one (1) year.
                                               2017  and  authorised  the  Board  of Directors to
                                               fix their remuneration.
                                                                                 The Executive Direàor is an ex-officio member of
                                                                                 the  Board  and  serves  as  the  Corporate
                                               Further,  the  meeting  ratified  the  following   Secreta ryIT reas u re r.
                                               appointments to  the  Board  of Directors for the
                                               period (2017-2020)
                                                                                 The  current  status  of  members  of the  Board  of
                                                                                 Direàors is shown at Table 2 below.
                                               o   Mr. Jeffrey Locke, Belize Electricity limited
                                               o   Mr. Fred Cuvalay, STUCO       Director retiring and available for re-election
                                               o   Mr. Julio Rhymer, Virgin Island Water and   is as follows:
                                                   Power Authority
                                               o   Mr.  Hugo  Hodge  Jr.  (Associate  Director   o  Peter  Williams,  Barbados  light  and  Power
                                                   Representative) (2017-2018)      Company Ltd.
                                               o   Mr. Gianni Moreno (AIt. Associate Director)   o  Courtenay Mark, Trinidad & Tobago Eleàricity
                                                                                 The  following  Directors  have  since  resigned
                                               Meetings of the                   and are unavailable for re-election:
                                               Board of Directors
                                                                                 o   Kelly  Tomblin,  Jamaica  Public  Service
                                               CARILEC's Bye·laws provide for the appointment   Company  Ltd.  (Resigned  as  of  May  2017;
                                               of a Board of Directors, comprising not more than   Sheree  Martin  appointed  to  serve  as  a
                                               fitteen (1 S) and not less than three (3) members,   substitute Director until the next AGM)
                                               to  be  responsible  for  policy  governance.  The   o  Julio  Rhymer,  Virgin  Islands  Water  and
                                               Bye-Laws also provide that a Direàor shall be the   Power Authority (Resigned  as of December
                                               Chief  Executive/Operating  Officer  or  a senior   31st, 2017)

                                               TABLE 2 - Current Status of Members of the Board of Directors
                                                    Name          Company
                                                    Jeffrey Locke   Belize Electricity limited   May 2017   May 2020
                                                2   Fred Cuvalay   St. Eustatius Utility Company   May 2017   May 2020
                                                3   Thornley Myers   St. Vincent Electricity Services Ltd.   May 2016   May 2019
                                                4   Collin Cover   Grenada Eleàricity Services Ltd.   May 2016   May 2019
                                                    Trevor Louisy   St. Lucia Eleàricity Services Ltd.   May 2016   May 2019
                                                6   Franklin Hoevertsz   Utilities Aruba        May 2016   May 2019
                                                7   Eddinton Powell   FortisTCI Ltd.            May 2016   May 2019
                                                8   Leroy Abraham   British Virgin Islands Eleàricity Corp.   May 2016   May2019
                                                9   S.Bertilia McKenzie  Dominica Electricity Services Ltd.   May 2016   May2019
                                                    Hugo Hodge    Associate Member Representative   May 2017   May2018
                                                11   Peter Williams   8arbados light and Power Company Ltd.   May 2015   May 2018
                                                12   Courtenay Mark   Trinidad & Tobago Eleàricity Commission   May 2015   May 2018
                                                13   Sheree Martin   Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd.   July 2017   May 2018
                                                14  Cletus Bertin   Executive Direàor/CARILEC   Ex-Officio
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