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The  names Hurricane  Irma and  Hurricane  Maria
           will forever be etched into any review of the year
           2017  for  the  Caribbean.  These two  hurricanes,
           classified  as  category  5 on  the  Saffir-Simpson
           Hurricane  Wind  Scale,  unleashed  a  path  of   Collin Cover
           severe destruction on the Caribbean.            Chairman

           Most of the islands that saw the eye-wall of either   -rebuilding  for  resi l i ence~  has  become  an
           storm  will  take  years  to  recove'- Anguilla,   unending echo  in our conscious  minds, life goes
           Barbuda, the  Dutch  province of St. Maarten, the   on despite disasters. 50, the Board of Directors of
           British  Virgin  Islands,  the  US  Virgin  Islands,   CARILEC, in response to the changing dynamies of
           Dominica, Puerto Rico and Cuba were ail severely   the  business  environment  of  our  members, has
           damaged, and other countries like the Turks and   embarked on formulating a new strategie plan for
           Caicos  Islands,  the  Bahamas  and  French  St.   the  organization; a forward-Iooking  plan  that  is
           Martin also suffered damages but not as severe.   flexible and meels the needs of our members and
                                              communities  and  the  planet  by  extension. The
           ln the wake of the devastation, we witnessed the   Board  thanks  Luc  and  Rachell  Roullet for their
           solidarity of the peoples of the Caribbean and the   facilitation  01  this process  despite  challenges  of
           generosity  of  the  world.  But  in  particular 1 am   distance and the interruption of Irma and Maria.
           proud  of  the  CARILEC  organization  for  the
           technical  and  humanitarian  relief  that  the   1 want to also mention that in May 2017 our new
           members  and  Secretariat  provided  to  the   Executive Director  Dr. Cletus  Bertin, joined  our
           countries that were  most devastated and  in need   organization, and has taken the leadership of the
           of help.Although 1 thank everyone who helped in   organization. We welcome  him on board. He has
           any way they cou Id, 1 must thank Frank Hoevertsz   been  working  with  the  other  members  of  the
           for initiating a fund  raiserfor humanitarian relief   CARILEC Secretariat to deliver more relevant and
           during  the  Green Aruba  2017  event.  Frank, we  responsive services to you the  members, and  to
           salute and thank you. Vour efforts helped to bring   make the  organization  more visible in the wider
           some cheer into many shattered lives.   Caribbean community.
           1 also want to thank Mr. Andrew Thorington of the   The  issue  of  the  poor  state  of  our  secretariat
           CARILEC Secretariat for tirelessly leading the most   building  is  still  unaddressed,  and  the
           challenging  hurricane  restoration  effort,  and  of  organization   hopes   to  commence   the
           longest  duration,  that  CARILEC  has  ever   construction  of  a  new  block  adjacent  to  the
           undertaken  in  i15  23  years  of  service  to  the   present  building.  We  are  hoping  that  our
           Caribbean.  He  coordinated  ail  the  logisties   membership will assist in this venture to  ensure
            required  in  moving  the  linesmen  teams  of  the   that our staff is  salely and  adequately quartered
           CARILEC  Hurricane  Restoration  Program  and   as  they  are  dedicated,  industrious  and  fully
           getting  them  into  the  member  countries  that   committed to the organization and the office they
            requested  help.  This  hurricane  restoration   now occupy is sub-standard.
            program  is a mutual aid  program and  is available
           to  ail  member  utilities  in  CARI LEe.  To  M,-  Finally,  1 must  commend  the  members  of  the
           Thorington  and the  members of the Secretariat's  Board  who  despite  these  trying  times  have
           staff who assisted him we say a heartlelt thank you_  worked  long hours together, not only in keeping
                                              this  organization going  but  have had  to  put  in
            Although the effects of these hurricanes, and our   extra effort and  hours to  hone  the  new strategie
           fears  about  the  approaching  201B  hurricane   plan so this organization retains its relevance in a
            season  dominate  our  thinking,  and  the  phrase   rapidly changing landscape.
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