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The Caribbean Electric Utilities Services Corporation (CARILEC) is an association of electric energy solutions providers operating in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. CARILEC is a member-driven organization whose mission is to enhance the effectiveness of members by providing industry-related services, networking opportunities, workforce development and knowledge-sharing opportunities, mutual assistance programs, and strategic direction to accelerate the Caribbean Region’s energy sector transition through innovation and advocacy. Since 2016, CARILEC has developed and operated the CARILEC Resilient Energy Community (CAREC) as an online platform to support the various workforce development initiatives of the membership and to serve as a tool for driving Communities of Practices to support the CARILEC membership. The platform now stands with over 1500 plus members from 75+ countries and has delivered a combination of in-person training events and digital learning experiences. CAREC is currently an extension of CARILEC. However, it has its own separate membership base of energy professionals and utility personnel dedicated to the sustainable development of the electricity sector in the Caribbean region, with a particular focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency. CAREC facilitates targeted knowledge exchange, capacity sharing and professional development activities under these themes. This is achieved through a combination of online learning activities, forums, connections to regional and international experts, curation of technical documents, and in-person training opportunities and workshops.

CARILEC envisages the transformation of the CAREC platform into a brand community and umbrella knowledge portal ecosystem for all CARILEC Learning and Development activities related to building resilience in the Caribbean power sector. As such, the new umbrella platform will focus on three key learning pillars: 1) Organizational & Leadership Development, 2) Resilient Infrastructure and Disaster Response, and 3) the transition towards low- carbon technologies. CARILEC is incrementally transitioning the CAREC ecosystem to serve as a dedicated knowledge portal and critical channel for delivering all workforce training resources, case studies, technical documentation, organizational best practices, and advocacy. CAREC is a searchable repository of the CARILEC brand’s events, outputs, resources, experts, and insights. The current CAREC platform is utilizing Discourse forum software. In addition, CARILEC utilizes a Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) for coursework delivery under a separate initiative, the CARILEC Resiliency and Energy Efficiency Program (CAREEP). The system redesign is intended to make the solutions found on the website more modern and user-friendly, improve the ability to better inform the

CARILEC Secretariat on the requests and needs of the users, and provide an infrastructure to support user business goals. The new design is to build the CARILEC brand; as such, all designs will reflect the institutional image/brand identity. Ultimately, CARILEC aims to foster continuous measurable knowledge exchange over the next five years between Caribbean energy practitioners active in the electric power industry by implementing digital tools and services to support the development of utility-driven best practices.

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