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1. ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS: The Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation (“CARILEC”) currently: (a) provides users with access to, and use of, information regarding various products and services on its web site located at www.carilec.org (“CARILEC Web Site”), and (b) hosts various list server groups (collectively, “List Server”). The CARILEC Web Site and/or the List Server are herein referred to collectively as the “Service”. The Terms and Conditions of Use (“Agreement”) containing the terms, conditions, notices and agreements below (collectively, “Terms”) govern your use of the Service. In the event of any conflict between any one or more provisions in the Terms and in any other document or agreement between CARILEC and you related to a specific product or service offered on or through the Service, the provision in the Terms shall govern. 

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2. DEFINITIONS: There are several words that are used in this Agreement that have a specific meaning in the Agreement. The words defined in this section shall have the following meanings in this Agreement, unless to do so would be contrary to the clear intent of the Agreement: 

A. “Advertisers”: Means any person, corporation, or any other entity in whatever form that places an advertisement(s) on the CARILEC Web Site. 

B. “Content” or “CONTENT”: Means any message, information, data, text, software, images or other materials that is posted or transmitted on the CARILEC Web Site or the List Server.  

C. “Information” or “INFORMATION”: Means the editorial content and graphics on the CARILEC Web Site and/or the List Server, as well as the computer programs used to generate the pages on the CARILEC Web Site and/or the List Server. 

D. “Terms”: Means the terms, conditions, and notices in the Agreement. 

E. “you”, “your” and “user”: Means all individuals and/or entities in whatever form accessing or using the Service for any reason. 

3. TRADEMARK AND COPYRIGHT PROTECTIONS: CARILEC is the owner of all intellectual property rights (including copyrights, service marks, and trademarks) in, on, and to the CARILEC Web Site. Material published by CARILEC on the CARILEC Web Site or the List Server may contain other proprietary notices or describe products, services, processes or technologies owned by CARILEC or third parties. Nothing in the Terms or through the use of the Service shall be construed as granting you a license to use such material under any copyright, service mark, trademark, patent or other intellectual property right of CARILEC or any third party, except as expressly set forth and granted in the Terms. 

It is strictly prohibited to delete or alter any copyright, service mark, trademark, or other proprietary notices on or from the CARILEC Web Site or the List Server. You must retain all copyright, service mark, trademark, and other proprietary notices contained on the CARILEC Web Site or the List Server on any copy you make of the Information. 

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