Presentation 10

Topic: Recycling Used Oil

Presenters:  Priscilia Stanislas, St. Lucia Electricity Services Ltd & Sylvester Joseph, Grenada Electricity Services Ltd

Moderator: Sonji Baptiste, Financial Controller, OSH Team Member; CARILEC

One litre of used oil can contaminate a million litres of water. If unprocessed used oil is burnt, harmful toxic compounds are emitted into the atmosphere damaging and polluting the air we breathe. Recycling and reusing instead of disposal of used oil can provide great environmental and health benefits. Electric utilities should explore opportunities to recycle and reuse the used oil that they generate as part of their environmental management system.

This presentation will therefore expound on the following:

  1. What Is Used Oil
  2. Oils that do not meet the EPA definition of used oil
  3. How does virgin oil become used oil
  4. Harm that can be caused by used oil
  5. Benefits of recycling used oil
  6. How is used oil recycled
  7. Regulations for managing used oil

The presentations and recording of this seminar will be made available to all registered participants seven (7) days following the seminar.