Bi Annual Publication- May 2022 & November 2022

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Caribbean Electric is a bi-annual online trade journal offering an up-close view of the dynamic energy landscape of the Caribbean through the lens and expert analysis of the Caribbean electric utility industry practitioners and specialists. These perspectives unfold in the ferment of long-range experience, new ideas, research and discovery, innovation and emerging technologies shaping the Caribbean agenda for sustainable energy.


The CARILEC Industry Journal was first published in 2006, catering to the needs of the Caribbean Electricity sector. The Industry Journal has now been rebranded under the name Caribbean Electric, to better align with the new strategic direction of Corporation. Caribbean Electric Industry Journal (CE) is the definitive resource on topical issues, developments, trends and opportunities relevant to the electric utility industry value chain in the region. The journal caters to industry insiders –governmental and corporate decision-makers, utility operators, vendors, industry professionals and workers, journalists, researchers, sustainable development professionals and career seekers. CE is also a trusted resource for industry people in non-Caribbean markets.


Files should be submitted via email attachment, zip or cloud. (Exceptions can be made, if required.) The software used to produce the manuscript should be Microsoft Office from 2016 and Office 365. Make sure your files are self-contained, i.e., that there are no pointers to your system setup. Check that your files are complete: abstract, text, tables, references, footnotes, bios, & figure captions. Download the full guideline document when you click on the image to your left .

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CE Journal Issue #19