25,000 LED Streetlights coming this year

JPS is set to upgrade 25,000 streetlights to LED lights by year end.  The Company has already upgraded 43,000 streetlights across the island to LED lights, as it continues on its drive to enhance lighting and energy efficiency. The upgraded LED streetlights are more energy efficient, provide better lighting and last longer than the High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs, which are being replaced. This year’s rollout will see the company installing 6000 LED streetlights along major thoroughfares and 19,000 on minor roads and communities across the island.

JPS has also published a Request for Proposals on its website, inviting companies to bid to supply units for the second stage of the roll-out later this year.

The company also continues to execute on its commitment to repair 12,600 streetlights across the island for the period September 2018 to the end of March 2019. The vast majority of these repairs have been done, with 11,309 repairs completed as at January 30.

Meanwhile, there is now a fresh concern regarding the theft of some of the recently upgraded streetlights. This impacts public safety and the company is encouraging all well thinking persons, who observe suspicious activity around streetlights, to contact the police or the JPS Customer Care Centre at 888-CALLJPS.  JPS remains committed to providing excellent customer service and invites persons to contact the Company with any concerns regarding streetlights in their community.

JPS Lineman repairs streetlight on Brunswick Ave in Spanish Town.


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