Aqualectra acknowledges the suggestion to lower the electricity price. Several factors need to be considered in this regard.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Willemstad August 30, 2023- Aqualectra acknowledges the proposal to lower the price of electricity, aiming to enhance accessibility to electricity consumption. At first glance, this proposition seems intriguing, potentially relieving our community from a global concern. However, several factors must be considered before proceeding in this direction to mitigate the impact of increased electricity usage on end-of-month bills.

The surge in electricity demand necessitates a corresponding increase in production. It’s crucial to recognize that heightened production doesn’t necessarily translate to increased profits for Aqualectra, as additional costs are incurred in generating more electricity. Compounded by the limited availability of wind resources, Aqualectra predominantly relies on conventional production methods, which incur higher costs compared to wind-generated electricity. A confluence of heightened demand and reduced pricing could limit Aqualectra’s ability to invest in production, distribution, and maintenance. Paradoxically, the decrease in price might spur users to consume more electricity, ultimately resulting in higher bills due to increased usage. It’s pertinent to acknowledge that the pricing of water and electricity is overseen by the Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post (BTP). BTP’s determination of pricing seeks fairness for both Aqualectra and consumers. This regulatory body assesses the reasonable production costs and the margin Aqualectra requires to ensure sustained investment in water and electricity production and distribution. Aqualectra is actively transitioning towards renewable energy sources, which are more cost-effective and could contribute to lowering electricity prices. Simultaneously, stricter measures will be implemented to curb unauthorized water and electricity usage, exerting a positive influence on pricing. Furthermore, Aqualectra has initiated an educational campaign, promoting conscientious water and electricity consumption. This collective effort is aimed at curbing bills and fostering community awareness.   Aqualectra remains steadfast in its commitment to community well-being. The company’s unwavering dedication aims to ensure that electricity and water remain affordable and sustainable.


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