Aqualectra and Eagle LNG sign heads of agreement to start negotiations for durable gas supply to fuel production of electricity

By Press release April 8, 2022A collaboration will ultimately result in lower energy prices

WILLEMSTAD – On Thursday April 7th the signing ceremony took place during which Aqualectra N.V. and Eagle LNG Partners LLC signed a Heads of Agreement, making this the first step towards negotiating durable gas supply which Aqualectra will then use for fueling the production of water and electricity in Curaçao. The negotiation period is projected to be finalized by mid-year, and after all necessary permits have been acquired, both parties will continue on with the developments that will make supplying of gas for Curaçao possible. This will result in lower production and maintenance costs, which ultimately means lower electricity and water prices for the people of Curaçao.

The Heads of Agreement was signed by CEO of Aqualectra N.V., Mr. Darick Jonis, and Mr. Filipe Pinto, Vice President of Business Development of Eagle LNG Partners LLC. This was done in the presence of the Minister of Economic Developments, Mr. Ruisandro Cijntje, the Consul General of the United States based in Curaçao, Mrs. Margy Bond, and affiliated partners and stakeholders.

Mr. Filipe Pinto, Eagle LNG Partners LLC Vice President Business Development — Latin America and Caribbean said “Eagle LNG is pleased to play a significant role in Curacao’s transition towards cleaner, more stable and reliable energy, especially during these uncertain times when fuel availability and affordability are not to be taken for granted.” Mr. Pinto also added that “The move to natural gas on this beautiful island places Curacao on the path toward a zero-carbon footprint, a path accelerated by your transition to natural gas for power generation.”

The Heads of Agreement is the result of an extensive period of time during which Aqualectra researched the opportunity to fuel the production of energy in Curaçao through gas. During 2021 Aqualectra received non-binding proposals from different LNG suppliers. Based hereon Aqualectra issued an official ‘Request for Information’ to create a level playing field and transparency, where companies could enter their complete non-binding proposal based on the Aqualectra inquiry. After receiving 5 non-binding proposals, Aqualectra compared the options and continued its further inquiry with 2 companies being the preferred bidders. Ultimately, Eagle LNG Partners LLC was chosen as the preferred company with Promigas S.A. E.S.P. as the second preferred bidder for LNG supply for Curaçao. A possible collaboration between Aqualectra N.V. and Eagle LNG Partners LLC might bring about a great synergy, as Eagle LNG currently offers its services in Aruba as well and other Caribbean islands, which creates a bridge between Aqualectra and the Management of Utilities in Aruba for future collaborations between the two countries as well as the other neighboring islands applying LNG and main fuels source for power generation.

This is yet another important step by Aqualectra that will shape the future provision of energy in Curaçao though innovative durable developments that benefit the community of Curaçao.


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