Aqualectra: ‘Curaçao will soon lead the world with up to 70% of power production from wind energy’

MAIN | By Press release Nov. 8, 2022

Aqualectra and Nucapital sign energy and purchase agreement, increasing power production capacity by 21 MW  

WILLEMSTAD – Utility company Aqualectra and NuCapital have recently signed a PowerPurchase Agreement (PPA) with the aim of expanding power production with an increase of 21 MW through wind energy. As soon as this Wind Farm starts producing electricity, Curaçao will position itself worldwide as the undeniable leader among the countries where 50% of their electricity production is generated by wind. This will put Curaçao at the forefront worldwide and our country will become a model for the region. The increase in capacity contributes to strengthening Aqualectra’s capacity offering, so that our population remains assured of electricity. Increasing capacity through wind energy is part of the Curaçao energy transition in which Aqualectra has a leading role. During the signing of the energy purchase agreement (PowerPurchase Agreement), both the management of Aqualectra and NuCapital underlined the mutual trust and good cooperation between the two companies. The wind farm will be located in Koral Tabak. 

Expanding electricity production capacity through wind energy is one of the methods that Aqualectra is introducing as part of its efforts to increase production capacity. Currently, 30% of Aqualectra’s average annual production comes from wind energy. This is even much more than countries, including the Netherlands. With the expansion of the power production capacity by adding another 21 MW, Curaçao is positioned as a global leader. Aqualectra is also working on converting fossil-based production to LNG gas. In the long run, this will undoubtedly have an impact on our electricity prices. This, in combination with the introduction of the intelligent distribution network and the proper alignment of the new situation, is how the responsible energy transition for Curaçao is shaped.   

Aqualectra and NuCapital have been working together for some time. NuCapital currently operates the three wind farms located at Playa Canoa and Tera Korá. The three parks jointly have a possible power production of 67.45 MW. Now that the new PPA has been signed, technicians from Aqualectra and NuCapital will start the preparatory work necessary to realize this immense project for the benefit of the energetic future of Curaçao. This project involves an investment of approximately US$50 million. 


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