Bermuda Takes A Bold Step Toward Electrifying Public Transit

Bermuda commits to reduce harmful vehicle-related emissions, creating a cleaner, healthier environment for all residents and visitors.

HAMILTON, Bermuda, March 16, 2021— This week, the Government of Bermuda Department of Transportation announced the approval of the purchase of 30 electric buses to replace aged diesel buses and transition toward a zero-emissions fleet.

The purchase represents over one-third of the total public bus fleet: the first pivotal component in the nation’s multiyear strategy to fully electrify the public transit fleet.

“The new electric buses will not only improve local air quality, they will also save Bermuda money relative to the legacy diesel buses because they are much less expensive to purchase, charge and maintain,” said Roger Todd, director of the Department of Public Transportation.

Initial research indicates the government will lower its operating costs while also gaining vehicles that are better suited to local roads and conditions. All Bermudian’s will benefit because the buses will charge primarily overnight when electricity demand is low, improving power plant utilization and lowering cost of generation for all.

Bermuda’s public transportation electrification work is a component of the country’s energy vision and Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) that aims to achieve 85 percent renewables on the grid by 2035.

“Bermuda is poised to demonstrate how the rapid transition to electric vehicles is possible. This bus purchase is the first bold step and shows how the government will lead the transition to clean mobility by example,” said E.J Klock-McCook, RMI principal.

RMI served as a technical advisor to the government, regulator and utility by providing detailed analysis, information gathering, and strategic guidance since 2018. This project has been made possible by the generous support of the Bermuda-based Sea Change Foundation International.

About the Government of Bermuda Department of Public Transportation
The Department of Public Transportation is responsible for public, land-based, mass transit.

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