Aqualectra Launches Campaign to Promote Conscious Water and Electricity Usage

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

PRESS RELEASE Considering the global environmental changes and resource scarcity: Aqualectra launches campaign to promote conscious water and electricity usage

Willemstad – August 21, 2023- Aqualectra recently launched an educational campaign to promote conscious water and electricity usage. The campaign’s primary goal is to raise awareness and educate about the practical possibilities available at home and work that can help reduce water and electricity expenses by the end of the month. By collectively joining forces to decrease water and electricity usage, we are also contributing as a country to the larger global effort to mitigate drastic environmental changes. By changing bad habits such as leaving taps running or lights, air conditioning, and other devices on needlessly, every citizen can enjoy the financial benefit by the end of the month. Additionally, we are collectively contributing to the larger cause of reducing drastic changes in our environment and conserving resources that are currently scarce worldwide.
Water and electricity are basic human necessities. However, Aqualectra aims to raise awareness within the community about possible efforts that can contribute to reducing the end-of-month expenses by using water and electricity more consciously. As a country, we can take pride in the fact that approximately 30% of local electricity is generated through renewable sources such as wind and solar power. While Aqualectra has plans to increase renewable energy production, the current reality is that the remaining 70% of production relies on fuel. Using fuel for water and electricity production entails two things: our water and electricity prices fluctuate based on global fuel prices, and it also contributes to the drastic environmental changes being experienced worldwide.

The changing environment demands a change in the way we all use water and electricity at home and at work. Unconscious usage of water and electricity not only means higher expenses, but also impacts the future of humanity on this planet. Times have changed, and it’s necessary for us to change as well. In the upcoming months, various local influencers will provide valuable tips that can contribute to saving water and electricity. The key message will be that there are many things each person can do to reduce their water and electricity expenses. Changing bad habits doesn’t just benefit the individual; it also affects the future of humanity. Aqualectra invites the entire community to support this positive movement—for us and for our future.



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