Professional Certificate in Business Analytics, Data Science and Decision Making

$1,900.00 USD


The big deal over big data? Data analytics is needed in nearly every industry to guide decision-making processes through the collection and analysis of available data.

Yet, according to a McKinsey Global Institute assessment, the United States alone faces a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 personnel with the requite deep analytical skills.



May-August, 2020

It’s Focus

This Certificate focuses on exploring and analyzing data to support data-driven business decisions through the complete analytics spectrum: descriptive (what happened), predictive (what will happen), prescriptive (what should happen), and cognitive (AI based decision making).

The state-of-the-art foundations in this Data Analytics Certificate are designed with input from data & analytic practitioners to give you competitive skills in an ever-increasing competitive job market.

Other Concentrations

You’ll also gain a practical skill set to perform tasks in various areas of business such as Marketing, Customer Analytics, and Retail Analytics.

On completion of this programme you will learn to manage and manipulate data and make strategic data-driven recommendations to influence business outcomes.

With a critical emphasis on end-to-end comprehension of the analytics- from framing business and analytic problems to acquiring data, methodology, model building, deployment, and model lifecycle management.