Crews Remove Over 1,000 Pounds of Illegal Connections in East Kingston Communities

July 24, 2020

Earlier this week, JPS crews carrying out operations in East Kingston communities removed 1,235 pounds of illegal connections.  The wires were taken from a number of areas including Bundy Lane, Deanery Road, St. Albans Lane, Bower Bank, Rae Town, Tower Street, Hanover Street and Hannah Street. Two arrests were made.  The operations are part of the ongoing fight against electricity theft.

Other communities from which teams have also recently removed hundreds of illegal connections include: Riverton City and surroundings, the Olympic Gardens community, and Bayshore Heights in the Corporate Area.

While the removal of throw-ups remains a critical part of the Company’s strategy to fight against theft, JPS is also addressing the problem on other fronts.  This includes the use of advanced technology to help detect more sophisticated forms of theft, as well as working in socio-economically challenged areas, through its Community Renewal Programme, to help those who need guidance and assistance, to become legal customers.

“Electricity theft is the result of many factors, and the truth is it will also require the coordination and partnership of several stakeholders to successfully address the issue.  This is true of virtually any crime in society.  On the one hand, there are people who require social support, and on the other hand there are those who have the means, but who have no regard for the law.  Both require serious intervention and a collaborative approach to yield the success we desire,” pointed out JPS Senior Vice President, Customer Services, Ramsay McDonald.

The Company continues to appeal to persons who are not legal customers, to make contact with JPS by calling 888-CALLJPS or via its social media platforms @myjpsonline for more information on regularising their service.



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