Embracing a Dynamic Environment

To keep pace with a dynamic industry, organisational change is more than just an option. All organisations, at one time or another, face substantive modifications to some aspect of their business, the electric industry is no exception. Employees can prepare themselves to adapt successfully to a rapidly changing environment by following a variety of tips, to ensure that they are compatible with change and adapt easily to it:

Embrace Technology. Embrace technological change and learn how to use it for your own benefit. Don’t run from new technologies; try them! Some people are afraid to try new technology for fear of looking foolish or old fashioned in front of others—particularly younger people who are more technologically adept. If you are uncomfortable with new technology don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek out those who have more experience.

Increase Your Speed. Greater opportunities come to organizations that can respond quickly. Customers value speed in providing services and delivering orders and are sometimes willing to pay extra for a quick response. Employees who are fast and flexible generally reduce costs by minimizing their expended time on a project. Continuously review how you can reduce the time spent on work, either in increments or in quantum leaps. Always look for breakthroughs, especially in information technology, that will allow you to get more done faster and with fewer people.

Learn to Live with Ambiguity and Uncertainty. Most people do not like ambiguity or uncertainty, which are major sources of anxiety, but they are also facts of life in this fast-changing world. Often you will have to make decisions without having all the facts you need or knowing with any certainty what will happen. But, if you are willing to accept ambiguity and uncertainty and not let them prevent you from trying new things, you ultimately enhance your value to the organization. Learning to improvise and adapt to different and unexpected situations will give you important skills that will help you progress in your career.

Act like an Entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are always concerned with doing their best and getting the most out of their employees. Entrepreneurs behave this way because it’s their company, their responsibility to keep customers satisfied, their reputation, and their money. These factors provide them with powerful incentives to perform at a high level. An entrepreneurial attitude can also serve supervisors and employees well. Having an entrepreneurial attitude can provide you with the extra push to cut costs, improve productivity, and go out of your way to keep customers satisfied.

Adding Value to the Organisation. If you add value, you bring in a return on your work that is higher than your cost to the organisation. If that is not the case, your job is in peril. This is especially true today when organisations are eagerly looking for ways to cut costs. Always ask yourself whether your activities add value or add costs for the organisation. When someone asks what you are contributing, be able to provide specific examples of what you do and the difference you are making.

Be Solutions-Oriented. In any organisation, there will always be problems that arise from changing circumstances. Focus on finding solutions to these issues rather than harping on what has gone wrong or laying blame on others.

Know Your Niche. As a service provider, your job is to provide services to customers, whether internal or external. You need to understand your customers’ needs and then go out of your way to fulfill them. It is therefore important to keep in close contact with the customers you serve. As their needs change, make sure you are aware of those changes and continuously improve your provision of services—in terms of reliability, quality, and cost. If there is any key to job security, it lies in taking care of those who depend on you.

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