First natural gas delivery to CB Group’s 10MW plant set for June

An aerial view of Caribbean Broilers’ 10MW combined heat and power plant now under construction

New Fortress Energy (NFE) is anticipating its first delivery of natural gas to Caribbean Broilers’ 10MW combined heat and power plant in June when it will become commercially operational.

The plant  which is now under construction at CB Group’s new US$120-million agro-complex in Hill Run, St Catherine, known as ‘The Nest’  is the result of a tripartite deal between CB Group, NFE, and Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS).

It will be owned and operated by JPS.

“In addition to supplying CB Group with power, the steam that is produced during power generation will also be harnessed and used in CB’s operation in the form of hot water,” NFE said in a news release this weekend.

“The facility is designed to store gas for five days with deliveries of up to 24,000 gallons per day, trucked from NFE’s Montego Bay facility,” the global energy infrastructure company added.

“We’re excited that our partnership with CB Group and JPS, and investment in this innovative combined heat and power project is nearing completion,” the release quotes New Forrest Energy CEO and Chairman Wes Edens. “This is a great example of how Jamaica’s energy transition from oil-based fuels to cleaner, more affordable LNG will benefit the environment, the economy and ultimately Jamaican consumers.”

The partnership was also hailed by Energy, Science and Technology Minister Daryl Vaz, who said the coming together of the three entities “delivers significant benefits, especially at a time when our national energy priority is focused on preserving our environment from the harmful effects of heavy fuels and instead, looking at renewables”.

He said the Government was looking forward “to the positive domino effect that this partnership will bring as we continue to usher in a new era of energy security and economic prosperity for Jamaica”.

Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association President Richard Pandohie described the cogeneration LNG facility, the largest of its kind in the Caribbean to be operated by a local manufacturer, as a milestone achievement for Jamaica’s manufacturing sector.

“We are proud of CB Group and what this represents, not just for the local manufacturing sector, but, by extension, improving Jamaica’s competitiveness in the agro-processing space. When you think about the number of jobs that the construction sector is creating and the footprint that this LNG facility represents in serving the local manufacturing industry, it can only deliver positive gains for our collective economic growth efforts as a sector. We commend CB Group and encourage other businesses to look at employing similar model in their operations,” Pandohie said.

Matthew Lyn, CB Group CEO, added that the company was pleased with how the project is progressing, despite the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re encouraged by the value-added effect that this facility will deliver in terms of greater efficiency, increased productivity and ultimately a significant reduction in our operational cost. It’s been an excellent partnership with NFE and JPS and we look forward to delivering even greater benefits to our consumers as a result,” Lyn said.

SOURCE: Jamaica Observer

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