JPS Again Appeals to Public to Stay Away from Power Lines

April 15, 2020

JPS is again appealing to members of the public to stay far from power lines. This includes not climbing trees near power lines, and keeping trees on private property trimmed and away from power lines, which is the responsibility of property owners.  Persons are also reminded that under no circumstance should they attempt to remove fallen wires.  This warning comes in the wake of the tragic electrocution of a young man in a tree earlier this week, and yesterday (April 14), after a man attempted to handle a broken wire.  This is a sad loss of life, and the Company extends condolences to the families and loved ones of the men.

The Company is also reminding the public that kite flying should be done in wide open spaces away from power lines and construction work should also be carried out at a distance of at least 20 feet from electricity lines.  Again, one should under no circumstances attempt to remove a broken wire.  Always assume the wire is live and able to cause injury or death.

The Company continues to appeal to all, to encourage their friends and family to abide by this information.

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