JPS Happy for Customers, Minister Clarke’s Announcement

Customers Can Identify if they Qualify for Subsidy

March 27, 2022

The management of the island’s electricity provider, JPS, is pleased with recent announcements made by the Minister of Finance, Dr. Nigel Clarke, of a 20% subsidy for customers using up to 200 kilowatt hours of electricity per month.  The subsidy will apply to electricity bills generated between April 1 and July 31, 2022.  Chief Financial Officer, Vernon Douglas, noted that this cushion is well-timed and demonstrates thoughtfulness for the Jamaican public in a time of crisis.  “None of us are immune from the far-reaching effects of global upheaval, resulting in significant rises in oil and gas prices which make up about 50% of the electricity bill,” he noted, “so we each have to play our part. We are happy for this relief extended to our customers.”

In order to help persons to take advantage of this offer, JPS is informing customers that the MyJPS Mobile App gives monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly information about how many kilowatt hours have been used, for those who have smart meters.  Kilowatt hours is the term used to measure  electricity – in the same way that gallons is the term used to measure water.

Customers who use 200 kilowatt hours may have bills of about $14,000 but this may vary from month to month, depending on the exchange rate of the US dollar vis-a-vis the Jamaican dollar, and the cost of fuel. Customers can check their bill, under “energy used,” to see exactly how many kilowatt hfor the month they have used. (see diagram attached).

The CFO also pointed out that “prepaid service is an excellent energy management tool.  You can top-up when you feel like. You can forget about having a monthly bill.” He added, “It’s easy to switch from post paid to prepaid because of our new smart meters – and there is no deposit required to open an account.  In short, whatever your challenge is, JPS will work with you to find a solution.”





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