JPS Prepares to Activate Emergency Operations Ahead of Hurricane Elsa


With the approach of Hurricane Elsa, JPS is preparing to activate its emergency operations, to facilitate timely response to any damage to its power delivery infrastructure.

“JPS began preparing for the hurricane season at the start of the year,” says Winsome Callum, Director of Corporate Communications. “An important part of the preparation is our ongoing structural integrity programme, which involves lightning mitigation as well as upgrading equipment and other aspects of the network. We also ensure that adequate material and other resources are in place to facilitate repair and replacement of equipment that may be damaged during a hurricane.”

The JPS Corporate Communications Director is reminding customers that they may lose their power supply as a result of the hurricane. “Weather conditions associated with the system are likely to include strong winds and rains.  These could cause power lines to snap, trees to fall on power lines, and landslides which may cause poles to be dislocated,” she says.

The Company advises that after a tropical storm or hurricane, JPS teams will first need to make the necessary checks and assessment of damage to the electricity network, before restoration efforts can get underway.  Depending on the severity of the impact and damage to the power delivery infrastructure, customers may be out of power for an extended period.

Miss Callum is therefore advising customers to expect delays in getting through to its Customer Care Centre, if there are widespread outages because of the hurricane. “We will know the areas that are affected by power outages, so customers do not need to call and wait for extended periods to make reports. Outage reports can be made quickly and efficiently using the JPS Mobile App or our website at We will also be providing regular updates through the media and our own online platforms,” she says.

JPS is urging members of the public to stay safe before, during, and after the storm. “It is very important for persons to take the necessary precautions to protect life and property. We encourage customers to stock up on emergency supplies, stay indoors, and stay away from fallen poles and power lines. We all have to make safety a top priority,” Callum stressed.

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