Member Training & Events: Jan – Jul 2019


Leadership Capacity Building Series

The Workshop Series is developed and will be delivered based on a blend of some “hard‟ and “soft‟ skills to equip and enhance participant’s knowledge, skill and attitudes for higher levels of commitment, productivity, and performance in the workplace. It is premised on the notion that the ability‟ to perform is the collective result of a synergy of three main dimensions: knowledge, skills and attitudes, which require a consistent and intentional engagement of the head and heart, and the application of both skill and will. The training was held during the period March 13th – 15th in Turks and Caicos with a total of twenty five(25) participants all coming from the host utility FORTIS TCI. The main topics covered were Conflict Resolution; Team building and Effective Communication, Management of Change and Innovation and Business Process Analysis and Reengineering.


Diesel Mechanics 4

The Diesel Mechanics training course comprised three (3) levels designed to study the basic knowledge and skills for handling test equipment through to a thorough understanding of Diesel Engine Management Systems. This year we introduced a fourth level .The Diesel Mechanics Level 4 training was hosted by Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA), March 25th – 29th and May 20th – 24th respectively. Some of the topics covered include Schematics and Troubleshooting, Automotive Wiring and Wire Repair and Sensors and Actuators. A total of twenty seven (27) persons were trained.



ANGLEC held its Evaluation Placement Test for their linesmen during the period March 18th – 21st. The purpose of EPT is to ensure that all linesmen throughout the Caribbean receive the same standardized training. A total of fifteen (15) persons participated in the exercise.


Linesman Symposium & Rodeo

This year’s Linesman Symposium & Rodeo was held in St. Kitts during the period April 15th – 20th. This week of activities commenced with Rigging, Knots and Troubleshooting training and culminated with CARILEC Linesman Rodeo. A cross section of attendees was present at each day’s training sessions which comprised of Bucket Truck Rescue, Pole Top Rescue and Linesman Symposium. The key sponsors for this week’s event were Southeast Linesman Training Center, American Wire Group, Elevated Gear, Buckingham Manufacturing, JELCO, Milwaukee Tools, Koppers and International Brotherhood. Every day saw a total of forty seven (47) participants and seventy four (74) at the Symposium.

The Rodeo was represented by ten (10) countries namely Antigua & Barbuda, Anguilla, Belize, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, Montserrat, Dominica, British Virgin Islands, St. Vincent and Nevis comprising eighteen (18) teams. The overall winner both the Apprentice Team and Experienced Team was Anguilla Electricity Services Ltd. The LUCELEC teams placed second in both Experienced and Apprentice. APUA placed third in the Apprentice category and BEL placed third in the Experienced.


Delivering Excellent Customer Service

ANGLEC held Delivering Excellent Customer Service during the period May 13th – 16th.  The topics covered included Service Environment, Self as a Service tool and Communicating for Excellent Customer Service. A total of fifty seven (57) persons attended this training in Anguilla.


Occupational Health & Safety Seminar

This seminar was held in St. Lucia under the theme: “Planning for Safety Excellence Beyond 30 Years” from May 22nd – 23rd. A total of thirty four (34) persons from various utilities among the CARILEC membership attended this seminar. Safety is an integral part of the utilities daily functions. This seminar highlighted the importance of safety as it relates to the utilities in collaboration with CARILEC’s 30th Anniversary celebrations. The seminar was sponsored by EMERA Inc. Some of the presentations at the seminar included Developing and Implementing a Sustainable Environmental Management System and Mould Impact on Health. The major highlights were a panel discussion jointly with the CEOs on the topic “CEO: RETHINKING? Disruption. Resilience. Sustainability and Planning for Safety Excellence Beyond 30 Years”.


Linesman Training

The CARILEC Linesman Programme is designed and developed to standardize linesmen in the region. Montserrat Utility Limited (MUL) trained a total of nine (9) linesmen at level 1 during the period May 27 – June 7.


Power Plant Operators 1

Power Plant Operators training gives participants a better understanding of the basic theory and principles of operations of electrical power systems and diesel power plants. The Power Plant Operators 1 training was hosted by VINLEC, June 9 – 13. A total of seventeen (17) persons attended this training, fourteen (14) from VINLEC, one (1) from Montserrat Utility Limited (MUL) and three (3) from Anguilla Electricity Company Ltd (ANGLEC). Some of the topics covered included basic electrical technology, introduction to transformers, introduction to generation and motors and compression ignition.


Networking for Engineers

One of the Engineering Conference post workshops in Curacao was Networking for Engineers. The workshop was held June 26th. This training focused on namely two strategies (1) Strategic tools and techniques to optimize engineering conferences experience and (2) Specific and practical tools how to stay in touch with new connections. There were fourteen (14) persons in attendance.


Energy Storage for Modern Utilities

One of the Engineering Conference post workshops in Curacao was Energy Storage for Modern Utilities. The workshop was held June 27th. This training focused on various energy storage technologies and chemistry available on the market today with primary applications for Island Grids. There were fifteen (15) persons in attendance.


Management of Change and Innovation and Cybersecurity

Through the application of the fundamentals of change management, this Workshop enabled participants to: implement the change process; handle obstacles to change; manage change through encouraging creativity, developing commitment, and communication; adapt to change and to cope with uncertainty and continuous improvement. Particular focus was placed on managing technological innovations and on how to address the issue of information assurance and cyber security. Information assurance (IA) is the practice of assuring information and managing risks related to the use, processing, storage, and transmission of information or data and the systems and processes used for those purposes. This workshop was held in Guyana during the period July 3rd – 4th. There were fifteen (15) persons in attendance.


Effective Leadership & Strategies

The training was held during the period July 11th – 12th in St. Lucia with a total of nineteen (19) participants all coming from different countries. The main topics covered were Strategic Thinking, Change Management and Emotional Intelligence, Communication Styles and Leadership styles.


Electrical Technicians 1

The Electrical Technicians training course comprises of three (3) levels. The Electrical Technician Level 1 training was hosted by VINLEC, July 15 – 19. A total of fourteen (14) persons attended this training, twelve (12) from VINLEC and two (2) from Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA).  Level 1 of this training introduces the principles of electricity, related circuits and components including safety practices and regulations. Some of the topics covered included Alternative Current Fundamentals, Basic Electricity and Cable Splicing.

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