NEMO: Large explosion at La Soufriere, volcano dome collapsed

The UWI Seismic Research Centre and the National Emergency Management Organisation have confirmed that there was a large explosion at the La Soufriere Volcano at approximately 4:15 am on Monday.

The volcano dome has since collapsed and according to NEMO, pyroclastic flows can now be seen along the valleys on the eastern and western coasts.

In a bulletin issued at 6pm on Sunday, the National Emergency Management Organisation said the seismic network recorded short episodes of high-amplitude seismic tremor, each lasting around 20 minutes and with gaps between them from one to six hours.

The episodes appeared to coincide with periods of enhanced venting or explosive activity. The background level of seismic tremor between the episodes has been increasing slowly since about 10:30 am.

Since the explosion that was recorded early this morning, residents say they’ve been hearing a gurgling sound.

The alert level remains red.



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