New high-tech greener surgery will ensure healthcare’s energy-efficiency future

July 3, 2023

Greener surgery practices must be integrated into healthcare systems now. Reducing costs and increasing efficiencies will become possible with new energy-efficient operating theatre technology from Jones AV

Healthcare accounts for 4% of UK greenhouse emissions and similar levels globally.

Hospitals occupy a large share of this output. With operating theatres being a hefty contributor to hospital CO2 emissions, greener surgery technologies need to be implemented now.

Several factors contribute to the high emissions we see from the healthcare sector, such as the heavy use of high-energy devices, anaesthetic gases, the high churn of intraoperative single-use equipment, instrument decontamination, and many others.

With minimally invasive surgeries constantly increasing, whether formal or robotic, the requirement for more remote and online teaching and training capabilities and integrated operating theatre systems are seeing a real upturn.

While improving theatre capabilities and efficiencies, and helping to reduce the UK backlog, one of the downsides of deploying more technology into the operating theatres is increasing the carbon footprint.

What is Jones AV’s aim regarding healthcare’s energy-efficiency future?

With the climate crisis being high on everyone’s agenda and continued NetZero Healthcare pledges announced around the globe, there is a need for new technology to facilitate this desired change.

Jones AV set out to deliver the benefits of different technology in helping toreduce carbon footprints and refurbish existing installations.

An integrated operating theatre system

JAV Medical Systems is proud to launch the first Near Net Zero integrated operating theatre system.

After 18 months of research and development, the new system will help optimise designs to increase their technical performances and decrease energy consumption to below 75% of comparable systems.

Additionally, huge efforts were made to optimise many different components such as:

    • Improving supply chains
    • Evaluating better energy performance components
    • Finding suppliers with easier recyclable or less packaging
    • Assessing use of recycled materials as part of new devices
    • Reviewing shipping and transport
    • Developing more intelligent software
    • Reducing the total numbers of components used
  • Using less cabling and natural resources in the building process
  • Ensuring a circular approach to electronics component lifecycle management
  • Offsetting any residual CO2 impact.

Increasing these operational efficiencies allows more surgeries to occur in the same timeframe, driving down waiting lists and decreasing the pre-surgery energy usage and CO2 footprint.

Using greener surgery in the push towards an energy-efficiency future

The new systems measure ongoing energy performance, noticing if residual energy consumption deviates from original targets.

In addition, we aim to invest in offset measures for each installed system whilst continually striving to better the system’s overall energy performance.

One of the most significant and welcome side effects of the new technology is the overall reduction in operating costs. Electricity consumption can be seen to drop below a quarter of its original price.

As a result, savings of up to £5000 in running costs per annum, making a case for green investment into a new NetZero Integrated system even more compelling.

The new “integrated theatre of things” and the future of surgery

The new “integrated theatre of things” comes with all the advantages of superior teaching capabilities and remote surgical assistance, recording procedures and storing intraoperative video and images to the digital patient file for improved post-operative care and surgical analytics.

By using JAV Medical Systems you can achieve NetZero Targets and get the latest and best technology available while saving thousands.



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