Press Release – CARILEC Partners with LUCELEC in Hosting the 2021 Virtual Occupational Health and Safety Seminar

Castries, St. Lucia, February 24th, 2021: The Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation (CARILEC) is pleased to partner with the St. Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) in hosting the first ever virtual Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Seminar on March 1st & 2nd, 2021.  This year’s seminar will highlight the celebration of LUCELEC’s twenty-fifth (25th) anniversary of Health & Safety, under the theme ‘Twenty-five (25) years of Health and Safety: At the Heart of Work’.

The event will feature a joint opening ceremony in collaboration with LUCELEC, thought-provoking presentations from regional and international OHS experts and an informative panel discussion with elite utility leaders who will discuss the seminar’s overarching theme, ‘Safety Leadership = Safety Culture’.

The 2021 OHS Virtual Seminar is the first in a myriad of virtual events CARILEC has organised for its 2021 calendar of events.  CARILEC has recognised the need to revamp and restructure its events to merge into the virtual realm, given the restrictions on air travel and social gatherings propelled by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  The pandemic has also triggered utilities and energy-based organisations to review and upgrade their health and safety protocols, to manage its multiple implications.

Amidst this renewed call for an examination of the importance of OHS procedures, CARILEC and LUCELEC have answered by developing a pertinent agenda, tailored to provide timely information on health and safety leadership practices that can be readily implemented to ensure individual and collective health.  The agenda boasts of expert health, safety, and medical professionals including: Dr. Stephen King, former Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of St. Lucia and a renowned pathologist; Mr. Peter Williams, former Senior Vice President of Emera Caribbean Incorporated and Mr. Jon Hollohan, Director of Corporate Safety of Emera Incorporated, who will also serve as the seminar’s distinguished keynote speaker.

Ms. Sophia L Primus, CARILEC’s Learning and Development Manager and Head of the CARILEC Health and Safety Committee expressed CARILEC’s vision for the seminar.  “CARILEC remains committed to working with our members towards the development and strengthening of OHS procedures and protocols amidst the ongoing pandemic.  Moreover, it is imperative that utility and organisational leadership places strategic importance on safety culture, thereby ensuring that employees embody such a culture throughout their daily tasks.”

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The Caribbean Electric Utility Service Corporation (CARILEC) is an association of energy solution providers and other stakeholders operating in the electricity industry in the Caribbean. CARILEC was established in 1989 with nine (9) members as part of an electric Utilities modernization project funded by USAID and implemented by NRECA under a five-year “Co-operative Agreement.” Currently, CARILEC comprises over one hundred members. This includes thirty-three (33) Full Members that are electric Utilities, and over eighty (80) Independent Power Producers (IPPs), Associate and Affiliate Members that are companies involved in some aspect of servicing the electric Utility business.

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