Project eDrive Gives Young Innovators a Boost


November 14, 2022

The top five Innovators in the recently concluded electric mobility eDrive Innovation Challenge walked away with cash and prizes valued at over $2.5 Million. In addition to cash awards from the JPS Foundation, the top three winners also received scholarships to attend the Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship Caribbean 12-week training programme.

The eDrive Innovation Challenge was an exciting six-week programme that provided the young innovators with the opportunity to develop and pitch ideas aimed at supporting the electric vehicle industry. The innovative ideas that were presented included: roadside assistance and home charging for electric vehicles; the creation of intelligent motors; the electrification of motorbikes and bicycles; the conversion of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles; the creation of electronic wheelbarrows to boost the productivity of farmers; solar roof tiles and the introduction of electric trains to the local market.

At the end of the six weeks, the Top Innovators were selected through a combination of online voting and judging panels. First place went to Matthew Ferguson of Gizmos Computer Services for his electric bike; second place went to Nakeme Elliston of El-Tech for his intelligent motor; and third place went to James Porteous of JamStar Motors, for his plan to convert classic cars into electric vehicles.

“Everyone who participated in the Innovation Challenge is a winner,” said JPS Foundation Board Director, Winsome Callum.  “The participants for the Innovation Challenge, were among 30 entrepreneurs who had benefited from the eDrive Entrepreneurship Boot Camp held earlier this year. They were able to build on what they had learnt in the Boot Camp to develop their business ideas for advancing electric mobility. In addition, during the Challenge they had the benefit of mentorship from industry leaders – which was a significant point of learning.”  She further added, “One of the objectives of the eDrive Project is to create opportunities for entrepreneurs in the emerging electric mobility sector, and this Innovation Challenge has definitely opened the doors for these innovative men and women,” she said.

The Innovation Challenge is an initiative of Project eDrive, an electric mobility project being implemented by the JPS Foundation, in collaboration with the IDB Lab.

JPS Foundation Board Director, Winsome Callum (right) signs the check for the 2nd place winner in the eDrive Innovation Challenge, Nakeme Elleston (middle) of El – Tech, for his intelligent motor. Looking on is 3rd place winner, James Porteous of JamStar Motors.


eDrive Project Manager, Coleen Palmer-Wright (left) and JPS Director, Business Development, Dionne Nugent pose with the winning check for Matthew Ferguson of Gizmo’s Computer Services, while Matthews photo is prominent displayed on screen behind them.


IDB LAB’s Operation Specialist, Sidoney Blair is pleased to handover the plaque for 2nd place to Nakeem Ellitson of El-Tech for his intelligent motor innovation.


Roshell Masters of the eDrive Project, is delighted to present a token of appreciation to CEO of the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship, Caribbean, Lauri-Ann Ainsworth, as they celebrate the grand finale of the eDrive Innovation Challenge.

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