DATE: April 20, 2022


Nassau, The Bahamas, April 20, 2022- Bahamas Power and Light Company Limited (BPL), a long standing CARILEC member utility, will join CARILEC in hosting the 2022 Chief Executive Officers’ (CEOs) and Leadership Conference slated from May 15th to 19th. This premiere conference will be hosted alongside a Legal Officers’ and Corporate Secretaries’ Track slated for May 18th and 19th. CARILEC has hosted the annual industry summit for over 30 years and 2022 will mark the return to its in-person format after a two (2) year hiatus. This year’s conference will take place at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, under the theme ‘Leadership Matters: Living and Learning Through Disruption and Dislocation’.

We proudly co-hosted CARILEC’s Engineering & Procurement Conference in 2015, and the event was hailed a resounding success with over 200 attendees. This year, it is anticipated that over 150 senior regional utility leaders and international energy solution providers will be welcomed to the Bahamas and greeted with the warm hospitality of the BPL management and staff. Recognizing the significant economic impact, which is expected to accompany this influx of visitors, the Government of the Bahamas has offered substantial support towards the hosting of this hallmark regional conference. BPL is pleased to be co-hosting an event of this stature, as it is a prime opportunity to work directly with CARILEC on the continued sharing of knowledge and expertise within the Caribbean’s energy sector. This collaboration will also provide an avenue to display the development of the Bahamas’ energy sector and highlight our thrust towards the global energy transition.

Speaking on the company’s role in this year’s conference, Chief Executive Officer of The Bahamas Power Light Company Limited Mr. Whitney Heastie asserts.

“The Chief Executive Officers’ and Leadership Conference is highly subscribed to by top-tier professionals from both the demand and supply sides of the industry alongside international agencies, policymakers, NGOs and consultants from the region’s energy and electricity industries. It offers a unique opportunity to consolidate, share and assimilate various learnings, and experiences and set the stage for building even greater solidarity and resilience in the Caribbean electric energy sector. Such a unique forum has never been more essential, as  regional energy and electricity leaders continue to grapple, learn, and live through the lasting effects of
the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Over the last two years, a myriad of difficulties such as the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, and social and political unrest, has emphasized that disruption and dislocation are inevitable, both at the individual and organizational levels. As the world continues to grapple with these concerns, there has been a resounding call for leaders at the organizational level and beyond to provide the direction, foresight, clarity, to successfully navigate the unprecedented difficulties presented. Therefore, the theme for this year’s CEOs and Leadership Conference, reflects the urgent need for regional and global energy leaders to push the boundaries of their innovative, visionary, and strategic direction; to generate feasible and robust solutions to their organization’s challenges.

In this regard, several critical topics will be explored, including how to effectively manage performance in virtual world, meeting disruption with innovation, cultivating compassionate leadership during a crisis, the impact of COVID-19 on energy transitioning, leading a hybrid organization and how to achieve an ‘optimal’ work-life balance amidst digital tools and 24/7 connectivity.

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Bahamas Power and Light Company Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC). BPL, the premier provider of electricity in The Bahamas, operating generation, transmission and distribution systems throughout the archipelagic nation. The company operates 30 generating plants in 25 island locations and has more than 100,000 customers.

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