Presentation 3

Topic: The Imperatives of Psychological Health and Safety

Presenter: Ms. Francisca Plummer; CEO, Eta Psychotherapy and Counselling Services

Moderator: Melony James, OSH Manager, British Virgin Islands Electricity Corporation

Psychological (mental) health and safety (PH&S) is increasingly recognized as a transformative aspect of occupational health and safety. From this stance, the protection of employees must include attending to their psychological health and safety in the workplace. Employees flourish when there is a culture of psychological security that fosters well-being, enhances creativity and inspires innovation. This feeds into the organization’s bottom line through enhanced employee engagement, resilience and productivity. To this end, this presentation will examine what mental health is and contend that psychological health and safety is an imperative for any organization that values employee health. This presentation will layout evidenced-based strategies that help cultivate mentally healthy environments and will provide a logical approach to moving forward with PH&S strategies.