Theme: Safety Leadership = Safety Culture

Panelist: Ms. Ruth Forbes; President and CEO, Fortis TCI; Mr. Darick Jonis CEO, Aqualectra; Mr. Peter Williams Former Senior VP, Emera Caribbean

Moderator: Mr. Marcus Francis, OSH Manager, Fortis TCI

Workplace culture can only embody a safety culture if leaders strongly advocate for full adherence to safety protocols and policies and execution of safety practices. How can your organisation’s leadership cultivate a safety culture? What are the current barriers to achieving this? One major takeaway from 2020 is the importance of a competent occupational health and safety department in every organisation, especially one where employees are exposed to several hazards in the execution of their duties. Moreover, with the continuation of the COVID-19 global pandemic into 2021, organisations need to take strategic action to protect their employees and customers.

Under the overarching theme, “Safety Leadership = Safety Culture”, the Occupational Health and Safety Seminar will be conducted in partnership with the St. Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC), as the utility also marks its twenty-fifth (25th) anniversary of Health & Safety, under the sub-theme “Twenty-five (25) Years of Health & Safety: At the Heart of Work”.