Topic: Sustaining Safety Culture through an integrated EHS/Asset Management System

Presenter: Lucien Cattrysse, Pricewater House Coopers, Director – Sustainability and Risk Services

Moderator: Melony James, OSH Manager, British Virgin Islands Electricity Corporation

Many electrical utilities have embraced ISO-based EHS management systems to address operational risk, either self-declaring conformity or obtaining 3rd party certification to ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. Whether fully integrated or developed incrementally, these systems were implemented over time in response to various drivers: customer or supply chain requirements, the desire for proactivity, to address regulatory risk, and/or to meet industry association commitments. Increasingly, these EHS Management Systems are not only integrated, but embedded within the business context, and the Venn diagram has crossed over into physical asset risk management based on ISO 55001:2014. This embedding of controls opens the door for further penetration of safety culture within other areas of operational level risk management for the core business, including as a factor informing loss control, life-cycle asset maintenance, or other aspects of strategic asset management planning. The presentation will illustrate how safety culture can be enhance and sustained through integrated EHS/Asset Management Systems.