32% Improvement in Electricity Service Standard over 2 years – More Customers Receiving Direct Communication on Maintenance

February 5, 2021

More JPS customers are now aware of scheduled maintenance outages than in previous years. This is due to a shift on the part of the Company to more direct communication with customers.  The improvement comes on the heels of a continued drive to collect customers’ contact information, so that persons can be informed at least 48 hours ahead of service interruptions for equipment repairs for equipment repairs. Over the past 2 years, the number of planned outages shared at least 48 hours ahead of time, moved from an average of 50% in 2018 to an average of 82% in 2020 – an improvement of 32 percentage points in the company’s performance in relation to Electricity Overall Standard #1 (EOS1). It should also be noted that while 82% of notifications were sent out 48-hours ahead of outages, the vast remainder were sent closer to the date and time of the outage.  Electricity Overall Standards are among the minimum service standards established by the regulator, to guide the company.

In addition to digital direct communication via text messages and emails, the company improved the way advisories were shared on its social media platforms, as well as the occasional use of the popular social sharing platform Whatsapp, to reach those who don’t receive direct communication from JPS.

Further, the Company has increased the use of alerts in cases of unexpected power outages, such as those caused by motor vehicle accidents, severe weather, landslides and other factors.

A JPS team member prepares to plant a new pole, as part of maintenance activities.

“This growth in how we are keeping our customers informed about the work we do and any service interruption, has also improved our customer relationship. It has enabled our customers to plan better, and they also feel better about being in the know.  We are looking forward to being even more connected with our customers throughout all phases of our operations in 2021,” says Senior Vice President, Customer Services, Ramsay McDonald.

In order to receive updates from JPS, customers should submit their contact information, via the new MyJPS mobile App; social media @myjpsonline; or webchat via www.jpsco.com.

JPS remains committed to the highest level of customer service and power delivery to all Jamaicans.


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