Low carbon energy solutions for the Caribbean islands


The Caribbean heads towards a low-carbon energy future. The 3rd German-Caribbean Energy Conference, organized by the German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce, will present German solutions for more sustainability on Caribbean islands. 

The third edition of the successful cross-border conference format will take place on 26 October 2021 virtually. The island‘s Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes will open the digital exchange with an inspiring keynote. Subsequently, German companies and experts will present potential solutions to accelerate the Caribbean energy transition, bolster sustainable development, and support your personal sustainability goals and projects. The conference will offer answers to questions such as what the Caribbean islands could learn from the German energy transition and how to create the political framework as well as financial support.

What to expect

The conference will focus on renewable and efficient islands solutions “made in Germany”. In short pitches German expert will explain innovative technologies, financing and investment possibilities and upcomping projects. Following that, paticipants can join in „Matchmaking & Chat“: individual cooperation talks with the German delegation in break out rooms.

Registration: https://www.dnhk.org/nl/evenementen/3rd-german-caribbean-energy-conference

Energy Solutions made in Germany

In addition to the conference, a delegation of German entrepreneurs will be visiting Curaco (1 – 3 November) and Aruba (3 – 5 November 2021) to present their solutions for a low-carbon energy future in a more detailed fashion.

Sinn Power GmbH will offer maritime solutions, including an Ocean Hybrid Platform which generates energy through photovoltaic modules, small wind turbines and wave energy converters.

The consortium German Green Technology Hub will show solutions for sustainable energy production, energy storage, energy efficient technology for buildings as well as eMobility solutions.

Weihe GmbH will introduce how to produce green electrical energy from used waste heat that can be fed directly into the grid.

SkySails Power GmbH will showcase systems for generating electricity from high-altitude wind – so-called airborne wind energy systems.

Nexol Photovolthermic AG will offer innovative eco-friendly off-grid water Boilers which are affordable, efficient, and suited for regions with limited or unreliable access to the electrical grid.

SICC GmbH will provide ceramic paints that reduce heat load, safe energy costs, dehumidify buildings and create a lasting protection against UV-radiation.

Loesche will show how to convert waste into valuables through waste conditioning plants for the specific needs of, e.g. waste-to-diesel, waste-to-biomethanol, and waste-to-hydrogen.

a2e will advise developers and investors in all phases of their project to create a bankable investment. a2e stands for low-cost German debt, experienced equity, development funding with know-how support for renewable energy projects in the Caribbean.

Registration: https://www.dnhk.org/nl/evenementen/details/3rd-german-caribbean-energy-conference

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