75 Participants Join CARILEC’s HR, Communications & Customer Service Conference


(Castries – Thursday, March 28, 2024) – Approximately 75 delegates were hosted in Saint Lucia at the Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation (CARILEC) annual regional Human Resources, Corporate Communications, and Customer Service (HRCCCS) Conference.

The Conference, co-hosted by the St. Lucia Electricity Services Ltd., was held at the Bay Gardens Hotel from March 18 to 20, 2024. Experts and practitioners in the fields of Human Resources, Corporate Communications, and Customer Service from across the region assembled to discuss industry trends, best practices, challenges, and solutions, centered around the theme “Fostering stakeholder engagement through agility, inclusion and collaboration.” The main sponsor for the Conference was Blackbox Communications Inc.

Through a combination of workshop sessions, presentations, networking sessions, and interactive panel discussions, the conference provided participants with several opportunities to enhance their knowledge, deepen insights and understanding of their respective fields.

As the premier Association of electric energy service providers, the conference paid particular emphasis on electric utilities in the regions. Topics such as utilizing data to drive decision-making in communications, understanding neuroscience for successful mediation and employee negotiations, automating services to reduce disruptions, and adopting emerging technologies to improve customer service, drove rich and rewarding discourse over the three-day conference.

The CARILEC Secretariat also shared its Strategic Plan: 2023-2030 and outlined the steps in place to facilitate the development of world class sustainable electric energy solutions for all people of the Caribbean Region. The 2025 Human Resources, Corporate Communications, and Customer Service (HRCCCS) Conference will be held in Saint Kitts.


The Caribbean Electric Utility Service Corporation (CARILEC) is an Association of electric energy solution providers and other stakeholders operating in the electricity industry in the Caribbean. CARILEC was established in 1989 with nine (9) members as part of an electric Utilities modernization project funded by USAID. CARILEC currently has 33 electric utility members, 8 Independent Power Producers and over 75 Associate and Affiliate corporate members. The CARILEC Secretariat endeavors to improve communication among its members, providing technical information, training, capacity building, advocacy, conference, and other services. The Association plays a leading role in electric utility advocacy, growth, and sustainability in the Region.


Participants Engaged in Discourse


Shermalyn Sidonie-John; Keynote Speaker at HRCCCS

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