20 Easiest Ways to Cool A Room Without Air Conditioner

 March 21, 2023

To avoid the high cost of air conditioning (AC) on summer and to be more environmentally-friendly, follow these simple tips for cooling your room.

Simple Ways to Cool Down A Room Without Air Conditioning

When the cost of electricity for the air conditioner (AC) is too high or the air conditioner is damaged, you can immediately apply the following simple tips to keep the room cool on a hot summer day.

1.Set your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise

Set your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise

A ceiling fan is not a device that can be left on and forgotten. As you look up at the fan, the blades should rotate counterclockwise in the summer to direct air downward.

And on particularly hot days, turn up the fan speed.

It’s best to place your fans in windows or hallways so you can create a cross breeze that will draw cooler air from the outside (or a cooler part of the house) to the warm areas because fans only keep air moving around and don’t actually cool the air.

2.Homemade Misting Fan

Homemade misting fan

Put an ice-filled bowl in front of the fan to help circulate the cool air throughout the house and keep the room cooler. In addition to keeping the room cool, doing so also helps save money on electricity.

This is the most basic trick that lots of people use to keep their bedrooms cool on hot summer days.

3.Wet the Bath Towel

A cloth or towel can be dampened in cool water and used as a blanket.

A wet cloth can also be hung in front of the window to cool the room down. The room’s temperature will decrease as a result of the wind.

When opening every window doesn’t work, wet a sheet with cold water and place it over the window opening. A room without air conditioning can be cooled by the breeze passing through the cool, damp fabric of the sheet as it hits it.

4.Sleep Like an Egyptian

Many ancient documents record a special way of fighting the heat of the Egyptians when going to sleep, by dipping a blanket or towel in cool water and then covering it. You can take a thin face towel and soak it in cool water to spread it on your body before sleeping to cool down.

5.Sleep Alone

This is really something couples don’t like, but it’s hard to deny that sleeping more will increase the temperature of the room. So lie apart if you don’t want to be so hot that you can’t sleep.

6.Spray Water and Mopping the Floor

You can use a hose to spray the roof, yard, mop, wipe down furniture and other household items with cool water to cool down the temperature.

Tricks to Keep Your House Cool Without Air Conditioning

To lower the temperature, you can use a hose to spray cool water on the roof, the yard, the mop, the furniture, and other household items.

The bedroom becomes uncomfortable hot as solar heat is absorbed by the walls and floor and then radiates throughout the space.

At this point, cleaning the floor twice a day will help “cool down” the floor and reduce its ability to radiate hot heat into the room. This is the second easy method to cool a closed room that you should try.

After cleaning the floor, you not only lower the room’s temperature but also enjoy a cooler, cleaner floor that allows you to sleep soundly right there.

7.Cooling Feet

Cooling feet

You can sometimes lower your body temperature even if the room temperature can’t. Consuming cold beverages, dabbing a cool cloth on your neck or wrists, and donning cooler (and breathable) clothing can all help.

The body’s most frequent hot spot is the feet. To “cool off,” apply ice to the soles of your feet after wrapping it in a towel. Alternatively, you can bring a pot of water inside the house and soak your feet in it whenever it’s warm.

8.Freeze A Heating Bag

Freeze a Hot Water Bottle


You are mistaken if you believe that heating bags are only used in the winter. Why not put ice in the bag in the summer to keep the body cool, just as you would in the winter to keep the body warm. This easy method contributes to your ability to avoid becoming “crazy hot” on hot days.

Then, to keep yourself cool, you just put it in bed with you, at your feet. This is a good choice because of the substance used to make the bottle. In your bed, it won’t sweat and make a mess.

9.Bed Sheet Cooling

The secret to never having a hot night in bed is to cool the sheets by placing them in a vacuum bag and freezing them for about an hour before bed. The sheets will feel cooler than with air conditioning.

However, make sure you have a towel under you so that you don’t end up damaging your mattress. Keep in mind that you’ll likely sleep better the cooler you are.

10.Power Off

Avoid using artificial lighting indoors as it will only increase the temperature. If not required, turn off the electricity and leave the windows open to let some fresh air in. Keep in mind that you should open the window instead of closing it and block the sun and heat with the window rim.

When operating in the space, electrical devices like televisions, computers, microwave ovens, infrared cookers, etc. produce a certain amount of heat.

You must turn off electrical appliances to stop them from radiating heat into the enclosed space, which will help the room to cool.

11.Insulated Window Films

Window films offer a ton of benefits, from cutting energy costs to providing you privacy while still enjoying the view and light of the great outdoors. They can provide up to 98 per cent infrared heat reduction compared to unprotected windows, and reduce temperature imbalances in your home.

12.Open Windows at Night

Take advantage of those breezy summer evenings and open your windows at night to promote a cross-breeze that will help you and your family sleep better. The cooler air will circulate all night, allowing you to start fresh with a cool home in the morning.

13.Plant More Trees

Plant more trees for Cooling

More trees planted inside and outside the home will give it a feeling of freshness and coolness. Additionally, you should limit the number of colorful items in the home.

Similar results can be achieved by planting vines as with an awning. Ivy and other fast-growing vines offer cooling shade. By obstructing the sunlight that heats up exterior walls, climbers lower temperatures.

because trees have the effect of reducing room temperature, balancing humidity, and creating shade. By absorbing emissions, supplying fresh oxygen during the day, and adding a green hue, planting trees also contributes to the air’s purification.

Planting trees near windows and corridors in the East or West, where sunlight shines directly to absorb less light heat, will maximize the cooling effect of trees on closed rooms.

14.Install Ventilation Fan

Ventilation fans not only help absorb odors but also circulate indoor air extremely effectively, thereby effectively cooling.

15.Use Cotton

It’s crucial to keep two words in mind when it’s summer, it’s hot outside, and there isn’t air conditioning: loose and less.

Pick a bed sheet made of cotton because it has a great capacity for sweat absorption. Also, keep in mind that white is the best color to choose in order to make your home feel cool during the hot season.

16.Sleep in the Basement

If you don’t have a basement, then you’ll sleep at the lowest level of your house when the temps are hot and your air-conditioner is on the fritz.

If you didn’t know, heat rises which means if you sleep on the lowest level of your home, then the heat will rise above you, and you’ll stay cooler.

17.Lying in a Hammock

A hammock or any other object that can be moved gently will help circulate the air in the room and reduce heat effectively.

18.Use an Anti-Heat Pillow

You can buy a heat-resistant pillow at a relatively affordable price, the cooling effect is not too great, but it is still a way to reduce heat.

19.Apply Cold Water on the Body

To cool down, dip a towel in ice water and apply it to the following places: on your wrists, neck, elbows, groin, ankles, and behind the knees. Will definitely reduce the heat effectively.

20.Use Bamboo Mats

Use bamboo mats Get rid of the mattress and use bamboo mats to sleep in on hot days. Bamboo mats bring a cool feeling, although they are not as soft as bed sheets.

Get rid of the mattress and use bamboo mats to sleep in on hot days. Bamboo mats bring a cool feeling, although they are not as soft as bed sheets.

21.Get Rid of Incandescent Lights

There are electrical appliances that heat up the bedroom in addition to room coolers, usually incandescent lights.

Compared to compact lamps and led lights, incandescent lamps operate using an outdated mechanism that causes them to produce more heat and use more electricity.

As a result, compact or led lights should be used in the bedroom instead of this type of lighting.

22.Cool Down by Drinking Cold Water

The reason the room feels hot at times may not actually be the weather but rather a dehydration in our body that results in a warm and uncomfortable environment.

The primary solution is to add water right away, particularly cold water, which has an immediate refreshing effect and makes you feel incredibly refreshed.

To prevent heat shock, you should be careful to drink cold water slowly. Also, wait a while before drinking cold water after being in the sun.

In order to protect your health, you should choose a clean water source that satisfies national standards for direct drinking water, such as Daikiosan and Makano hot and cold water purifiers, which continuously supply cold water without the need to purchase ice.


You can keep the room cool even if you don’t use the air conditioning by following any of the more than 20 easy tips or tricks that were provided above. These are the lessons that have been gleaned from the experiences of many generations and have been put into practice in many different regions of the world.



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