Aggreko sets industry-leading net zero targets to support customers through the energy transition

26 JAN 2021

By Benjamin Camus

Published in London

Aggreko, the world leader in the temporary energy market, announces its ambition to be net zero by 2050 or sooner, aligning with the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5° Celsius. Aggreko also commits to offering cleaner technologies and fuels to support its customers through their energy transition – using flexible and competitive energy solutions to meet their environmental sustainability targets.

By 2030, Aggreko will:

  • Reduce the amount of fossil diesel fuel used in customer solutions by at least 50% by offering customers cleaner technologies and fuels that guarantee the same or better level of reliability and competitiveness
  • Reduce local air quality emissions of their solutions also by 50% (all emissions from diesel, gas and other fuels)
  • Achieve net zero across all its own business operations

By 2050 or sooner:

  • Aggreko will be a net zero business, across all the services it provides

Over the last years, Aggreko has already made significant progress, providing cleaner solutions for customers around the world, such as turning landfill, bio and flare gas into power or by investing in battery storage, solar, and more efficient and near zero local emissions generators. Aggreko is pioneering by partnering with many leading organisations across the sectors that aim to be net zero or close to net zero within the next decade, supporting them in navigating the complexity and the cost challenges they face in achieving their own commitments.

To achieve its 2030 & 2050 targets, Aggreko will accelerate investment in lower-carbon technologies and will continue to shift its global generator fleet towards more gas and greener drop-in liquid fuels. Aggreko will also invest in other clean energy alternatives such as e-fuels, hydrogen-ready engines and fuel cells, in preparation for rapid exploitation as the technology becomes available at scale, whilst also closely monitoring and investigating future technologies.

Aggreko will accelerate its offering of more efficient solutions notably through temperature control, energy recovery, co- or tri-generation. Simultaneously Aggreko will continue to grow its portfolio of mobile and modular solar power and battery storage, which when combined with its generator fleet helps customers to successfully reduce their carbon emissions and costs.

Aggreko will continue to enhance the use of connected systems, remote monitoring and data analytics to increase efficiency and track performance against its own and its customers’ emissions reduction targets.

Chris Weston, CEO, commented: “The energy transition is fundamentally changing the way power is generated and delivered. Our customers’ needs are evolving – they require cleaner solutions but without compromising reliability, modularity or cost efficiency. We’ve already begun transforming our fleet and solutions to meet changing customer needs and to achieve our objective to become a net zero company.”

“Our customers are looking to reduce their carbon and air quality emissions and we are the perfect partner to support them in their journey. With our expertise in hybrid solutions and efficient thermal generation, we are already supporting them across the world through the energy transition. Given their individual needs and situations, I am immensely proud of the whole Aggreko team who consistently demonstrate their expertise and use of our agility to deploy flexible and tailored solutions for our customers.”

“Our industry-leading net zero commitments are ambitious but achievable and put us on the path to reduce both our own environmental footprint and that of our customers as we look ahead to a greener future.”



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