CDEMA Successfully Hosted Geospatial Online Training for Participating States

Bridgetown, Barbados February 1st, 2021 – The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) successfully hosted an online training programme and simulation exercise in geographical information systems (GIS) for disaster risk management (DRM) in the Caribbean region. The training programme was delivered between January 11th and 28th 2021, with the final two days dedicated to a simulation exercise where the participants’ learning was tested in a controlled scenario, under time constrained conditions.

Twenty-seven (27) participants from across 17 CDEMA Participating States were introduced to the geospatial platform of the Caribbean Risk Information System (CRIS) called the GeoCRIS. The course focused on the geospatial datasets available within the GeoCRIS and how to use these geospatial datasets in the creation of mapping products to support disaster response activities in the Caribbean.

Speaking during the opening session of the simulation exercise, Elizabeth Riley, Executive Director (ag), at the CDEMA Coordinating Unit said, “I am heartened that 17 of 19 (approximately 90%) of CDEMA Participating States are represented at today’s training. I want to congratulate you the participants who have completed the training programme”.

“The CDEMA Coordinating Unit recognizes that digital transformation is essential to positioning our CDEMA system for the future. It is within this context that CDEMA developed over a period of time and launched the Caribbean Risk Information System (CRIS) in November 2020”, remarked Riley.

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