Critical Repairs at JPS Substation in St. Catherine to result in Outage on Tuesday October 20








October 16, 2020

JPS is advising that it must undertake urgent and critical repairs at its Rhoden’s Pen Substation in Old Harbour, St. Catherine on Tuesday October 20.  The repairs are necessary to address defects which can result in a vast and potentially prolonged outage. In an effort to reduce the effect on the homeschooling population in this section of St. Catherine, the repair outage will take place from 5am to 10am, on the morning of Tuesday October 20.  The Company is also providing these customers with a longer notice period- above the usual 48 hour notice.

It is our hope, that by shifting the time and giving a longer notice period, that parents, teachers and children will be better prepared for the outage.  We want to facilitate any pre-planning and advanced work assignments, as far as possible.  We appreciate the challenges of our times and are trying to do our best to balance the need to keep the network up on the one hand, with our customers’ need for this vital commodity on the other hand,” said Director of Distribution Operations, Roger Kennedy.

The sections of St. Catherine to be impacted from 5am to 10am are from Gutters to Bodles, including:

New Harbour Village 1, 2 and 3, Bushy Park, Gutters, Nightingale Grove, Old Harbour Village, Rhoden’s Pen, Spring Village, Rhodens Pen, Abbot Heights, Bamboo Ridge, Bannister, Bartons, Bellas Gate, Bellefield, Bodles, Bois, Browns Hall, Bellfield, Bullett Tree, Colbeck, Content, Cudjoe Hill, Free Town, Ginger Ridge, Goldmine, Green Bottom, Inverness, Longsville Park, Macca Tree, Marlie Hill, Old Harbour Bay, Old Harbour Square, Palmetto Pen, Planter Hall, Point Hill, Reynolds, Rose Hall Heights, Rosewell Road, Sandy Bay, Salt River Road, Sunrise Inn and surrounding areas.

JPS is also taking other measures into careful consideration, recognizing customers’ reliance on power supply.  The Company remains committed to supporting community and national development, while maintaining efficiency and quality service.


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