EEI Supports Liberia’s Electricity Sector Through Strategic Engagement

MONROVIA, LIBERIA (July 10, 2024) — Today, the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) is proud to announce a new initiative with the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) aimed at enhancing the capacity and knowledge of LEC stakeholders. This event, which began July 2nd and runs through July 12th, is part of LEC’s significant effort to strengthen its power infrastructure and service delivery. The goals of this engagement are to educate stakeholders on the fundamentals of electrifying a country, raise awareness about the challenges and opportunities in the electrification process, and transfer knowledge to LEC employees in areas such as electric company planning, operations, maintenance, customer engagement, communications, and financial management.

Over the two-week period, EEI experts and industry leaders are conducting a series of in-person and virtual sessions, including briefings, roundtables, and workshops. The engagement began with knowledge baseline assessments tailored to the specific needs of LEC’s various departments. Key activities and themes include understanding how electric systems function; strategies for creating financially viable electric companies and attracting investments; enhancing customer services and communication; addressing operational, financial, and reputational risks; managing and reducing technical and nontechnical losses; and ensuring effective grid operations and renewable energy integration.

“This collaboration with LEC is a great example of EEI’s commitment to supporting electrification efforts across Africa,” said Dan Brouillette, president and CEO of EEI. “By sharing our collective expertise and best practices, we aim to empower African electric companies to overcome their unique challenges as they work to deliver reliable and resilient energy to customers.”

As part of the engagement, EEI International Programs and LEC today are co-hosting a town hall meeting with LEC employees designed to foster dialogue and the sharing of insights on building robust energy infrastructure. The town hall will bring together global energy leaders, including Monie Captan, CEO of LEC, and Wilmot J. Collins, Mayor of Helena, Montana, as well as members of EEI International Program’s Global Executive Leadership Network, to discuss successful electrification strategies, regulatory frameworks, and community engagement.

“This partnership with EEI is a pivotal moment for LEC and Liberia,” said Captan. “The knowledge and expertise shared during this engagement will be invaluable as we strive to enhance our electricity infrastructure and service delivery, and better serve the people of Liberia.”

“Our goal is to provide LEC with the platforms to acquire knowledge and expertise needed to advance their electrification efforts, ultimately leading to a more reliable and sustainable energy future for Liberia,” said Dr. Lawrence Jones, Senior Vice President of International Programs at EEI. “This initiative exemplifies the power of global collaboration and our commitment to supporting our international members.”

EEI is proud to support the electrification goals of Liberia and other African nations and their efforts to ensure a brighter, more sustainable future for all customers.

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