22nd June 2020

Guyana Power and Light Company is progressing its modernization plan with the procurement of modern mobile elevated working platforms comprising IVECO trucks retrofitted with VERSALIFT aerial lifts and ancillary equipment. The vehicles represent state of the art technology and will have multiple functionalities that will, among other benefits, significantly improve GPL’s ability to expand and maintain the transmission and distribution systems, improve the safety and general working conditions of employees and improve the reliability of supply. GPL reports that the company will be more responsive to emergencies and ultimately provide a better-quality service, while more expeditiously expanding the network to accommodate additional customers.

The lifts being supplied with the trucks are based on specifications developed by GPL’s technical staff, following extensive consultations and research, and are intended to provide optimal performance under Guyanese conditions.

Versalift has been one of the leading companies in the aerial lift industry in reliability and innovation since 1967 and their equipment will provide the following benefits:

  • Improved safety of all operators with the buckets insulated to provide protection up to 46,000 volts
  • Dual controls with operation possible from in the bucket and on the deck
  • Off center hitch design which will allow 360-degree rotation of the lifts when extended, thereby providing maximum flexibility
  • Auxiliary ports on the deck and in the bucket to facilitate use of power tools
  • Special equipment to facilitate lifting of transformers and heavy materials up to the elevated bucket, thereby eliminating the need for multiple trucks
  • Outriggers (A & H frame designs) to ensure the stability of the trucks, bunkers and additional sub frame for assured stability.

The trucks will be manufactured in Italy and Spain and the aerial lifts in the USA.


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