Harbour View Residents Benefitting from Improved JPS Service

Harbour View Residents Benefitting from Improved JPS Service

– System upgrade brings new, efficient infrastructure to include Smart LED Streetlights

September 30, 2020

New Pole being prepared for the addition of equipment

Residents of Harbour View in St. Andrew are already experiencing improved service from JPS, as the System Upgrade Project in their community advances. Better quality lighting along roadways, as well as fewer and shorter unplanned outages are some of the main improvements residents are experiencing.

The $68M Project which began in 2019, includes the construction of new distribution lines, poles, and transformer installations, and the removal of the old infrastructure from residents’ back yards. This has allowed JPS crews to effectively carry out maintenance work, as well as enhance overall safety.

Phase 1 of the project is 90% complete and includes Harbour Drive, Fort Nugent Drive, Driftwood Drive, Sargasso Avenue, Reel Avenue and all roads leading off. Meanwhile, Phase 2 is 60% complete and includes Orion Avenue, Southern Cross Drive, Nimbus Avenue, Stella Road, Mars Drive and surrounding roads.

The company has also so far converted 65% of the traditional High Pressure Sodium (HPS) streetlights in the community, to Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). In addition to providing better quality lighting, the new LED streetlights are more durable than the HPS bulbs and will therefore serve the community more efficiently. They also host some smart features, such as remote controlling and monitoring, which enables defective streetlights to be identified and addressed in a more timely fashion.

The Harbour View Upgrading Project is slated for completion by the end of 2020. This is just one of several projects being implemented by the company, across the island, to improve service to its customers.

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