JPS and Forestry Department Collaborate to Plant roughly 190 Trees in Recognition of World Environment Day

June 5, 2022

In recognition of World Environment Day 2022, JPS in collaboration with the Forestry Department, took the fight to preserve the environment up a notch, when teams from the energy Company, planted 186 tree seedlings, along the Palisadoes roadway, more popularly known as the Airport Road in Kingston, on Friday (June 3).  The young trees, specifically chosen for their resiliency and adaptability to the harsh climatic conditions of the area, are the Santa Maria and Seaside Mahoe.

The exercise was led by JPS and Forestry Department executives and several team members from JPS, including power station personnel, members of the Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Department, among others.  Subsequent to the tree planting, the young trees will be maintained and cared for several times per week, for roughly 5 months, allowing them to become established and capable of surviving independently.

Over the medium term, it is expected that these trees will provide shade, improve the aesthetics and make a contribution to the air quality of the environment.

Speaking at the exercise, JPS Chief Operating Officer, Gary Barrow, noted that human activity has been disruptive to the ecological balance that allows both humans and nature to thrive.  This he said, must be addressed, and that JPS was pleased to be a part of that ongoing effort. He also emphasized the importance of carrying out game-changing programmes, highlighting the benefits of collaboration, such as public-private partnerships, where more can be accomplished by combining resources and expertise.

Meanwhile, Senior Vice President of Generation & Special Projects, Joseph Williams pointed out that JPS has been engaged in tree planting at JPS locations and schools across the island for over 25 years, and has also been engaged in the Corporate Adopt a Hillside initiative, in which it has planted out 6 hectares of trees.  Tree planting, he expressed, is dear to the heart of JPS. Additionally, he said, JPS has participated in several new initiatives – an indication of the Company’s ongoing commitment to preserving the environment.

Forestry Department’s CEO & Conservator of Forests, Ainsley Henry, expressed his pleasure in the day’s initiative, as the Forestry Department works toward its goal of planting 3 million trees in 3 years.  He also made an appeal for more public involvement in tree planting and preserving the environment, informing that the Forestry Department is giving away 10 free seedlings (including a fruit tree) to interested persons. Trees may be collected at any Forestry Department outlet.

JPS has been conducting a vigorous environmental preservation programme over many  years.  This has also influenced several new initiatives, including the facilitation of more power from renewables on the grid, from Independent Power Producers – made possible due to  JPS’ significant investment in utility scale battery storage.



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