JPS Customers from Gutters to New Forest in St. Elizabeth to Benefit from Improvement Project

(Kingston, July 17)    JPS customers in communities from Gutters to New Forest in St. Elizabeth will soon benefit from improved power quality and reliability in electricity supply. The improved service will follow upgrade works, scheduled for completion in September 2023. This will result in increased voltage capacity, which will address the instances of low voltage experienced in the area at times.

The upgrade will also facilitate the increased load demand in Spur Tree and surrounding areas, including new and continuing agro-industry projects and major expansion works being undertaken by the National Irrigation Commission (NIC).

“JPS is really looking forward to our customers in the Gutters to New Forest area experiencing better and more reliable electricity supply based on the work to be done to upgrade the line infrastructure. This work involves increasing the capacity of the main power lines supplying the area, general upgrading of the electrical circuits, including erecting new poles, carrying out vegetation management activities and the installation of new devices, leading to a more robust electrical setup,” said Blaine Jarrett, Senior Vice President of Energy Delivery at JPS.

Despite efforts to minimize inconvenience to customers during the months of the upgrade, customers may experience temporary disruptions, which are necessary to facilitate some of the work. The Company will, however, keep customers informed via outage notifications, by text message, social media, and on the website

JPS is looking forward to delivering improved service and benefits to customers in the New Forest and surrounding areas.


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