JPS Customers to See an Average 3.68% Reduction on October Bills

  • Decrease due to improvements in the FX Rate and fall in Fuel Prices

October 13, 2021

JPS is pleased to announce that residential customers will see on average, a 3.68% reduction in bills this month which is due to reduced fuel prices and an improvement in the foreign exchange rate.

This month, the foreign exchange rate moved down from J$152.09 in September to J$147.24 while the fuel charge, moved down from J$23.381 to J$21.967 per kilowatt hour (kWh). The total cost per kWh of electricity, stands at approximately 32 US cents on October bills, or about J$46.84, for residential customers.

Therefore, a customer who consistently uses 165 kWh per month, will pay $7,728.73 this month, as against the $8,023.83 that was paid in September, for the same usage – a saving of $295.11.

The Company is also encouraging customers to continue practicing energy efficiency.  Customers who need advice on practising energy efficiency may visit the Company’s website at


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