JPS Customers to see GOJ subsidy on Electricity bills starting in May – Prepaid Customers to get Free Credit

April 28, 2022

JPS residential customers who are qualified to benefit from the Government’s Co-Pay Subsidy on electricity bills, will start seeing the benefit on bills which have an invoice date of May 2022.  This comes as part of the Government’s assistance programme, in light of rising oil and gas prices caused by the Ukraine-Russia war. Increasing fuel costs have a direct effect on the cost of electricity, as this is a major input in the production process.  The Government’s assistance programme runs from April to July 2022.

Customers should note that the process is automatic and does not require them to apply.  All postpaid customers who use 200 kilowatt hours or less for the month of April, will receive a 20% contribution, shown on their May bill.  The contribution will appear as a line item in the section labelled, “How Your Bill is Calculated.” Likewise, customers who use 200 kilowatt hours or less in the month of May, will see their 20% contribution on their June bill. It is important to note that only the postpaid customers who use 200 kilowatt hours or less per month, will qualify for this contribution. (Sample bill to be included.)

Prepaid Customers

JPS residential prepaid customers will also be benefitting from this programme, as of May 2022.  Customers who topped up with any amount during April, will receive three thousand dollars ($3,000) free credit on their JPS account.  For prepaid customers with smart meters, the credit will go directly to their meters and they will receive their usual notification, which may be by text or email. For those prepaid customers who do not have smart meters, the credit voucher number will be sent as a text message to their phone.

Prepaid customers who do not have a valid cell phone number on their JPS account, are being asked to submit same, so that they can receive the free top-up to their prepaid account.  They may do so by contacting the Company through the JPS Mobile App; or via the JPS social media pages @myjpsonline; by webchat on the JPS website at; or by calling the Customer Care Centre at 888-CALLJPS/888-225-5577 or 888-935-5577.

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