JPS Preparing For Shift In Customers’ Behavior Set To Install EV Charging Stations At Strategic Locations Across The Island.

The Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS) is pointing to one trend that is expected to impact Jamaica in the near future, that of the advancement in electric vehicles (EVs),

President & CEO of the Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS) Emanuel DaRosa, said that the company is preparing for a shift in customers’ behavior as more persons embrace EVs and, in 2019, will be installing EV charging stations at strategic locations across the island.

The company is reporting that in addition to new disruptive technologies, the advancing ‘green revolution’ and changing customer behavior will continue to influence the Group’s strategic direction.

The company he said is planning to continue investing heavily in technology to improve overall operational performance and customer service delivery.

This as the company is anticipating significant improvements in customer convenience and satisfaction, with more process automation and the deployment of more self-service options for their customers.

JPS intends to be more targeted in the delivery of service to customers, through more granular customer segmentation and more precise knowledge of the needs of our various customer groups.

This will enable the delivery of customized services and solutions, as we seek to empower our customers with options that satisfy their unique needs.

JPS he said will continue to explore opportunities on the nonregulated side of the business, to add value to customers, business partners and shareholders.


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