JPS Reminds Customers of Necessity of GEIs Role Company welcomes new Legislation to improve efficienc

June 10, 2021

JPS is reminding all prospective customers of the importance of the role of the Government Electrical Inspectorate (GEI).  While the Company is eager to facilitate new applicants, it is important that new premises, as well as those with inactive accounts of 12 months or more, be inspected and passed by the GEI.  Once the GEI has inspected and passed the premises, that office will send the certificate to JPS.  Persons who are adding a section to their property, need to have the new portion certified, and persons whose premises and or electrical wiring have been damaged by fire, also need to have same recertified by the GEI.

The Company also welcomes the Government’s initiative to enhance the efficiency of the Certification Process by the recent parliamentary approval of new regulations to support the change from Government Electrical Inspector (GEI) to Government Electrical Regulator (GER). This has now paved the way for an improved process where qualified and certified electricians will be able to provide Electrical Certification directly to JPS.

This new initiative by the Government will expand the number of available inspectors and help prevent any backlog of cases and hasten the processing of electrical facilities certification.  This will by extension, shorten the process for establishing new accounts with JPS – a plus for a growing energy sector.

While the GEI (soon to be implemented GER), is a separate entity, now subsumed in the Ministry of Energy, both the GEI and JPS work together to meet the needs of the hundreds of thousands of customers across the island.

“JPS is looking forward to the next level of efficiency from the improved electrical certification process.  These are really important developments, which can lead to a world of difference for our customers.  This step will also elevate Jamaica’s position, as a location with improved ease of doing business.  We will all benefit from this forward-thinking proposition and we are anxiously awaiting the full implementation of the new GER,” said Blaine Jarrett, Senior Vice President, Energy Delivery.

JPS remains committed to the transformation of the energy sector, for the benefit of customers across the board.


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