JPS Shareholder, EWP Donates COVID-19 Test Kits – Improves UHWI’s Testing Capacity by Almost 400%

April 27, 2020

Today (April 27), JPS major shareholder, East West Power Korea (EWP) donated two diagnostic machines and 7,500 testing kits for COVID-19, through the JPS Foundation, to the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI). The gift will improve the UHWI’s testing capacity from 200 per day to 986 per day – a  393% increase in capacity.
It is internationally well established that testing is a key element in the fight against the spread of the corona virus.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony at the hospital this morning, JPS Chairman, Mr. Bok Hoa Jeong, noted that he was pleased that EWP was able to make such a significant contribution to the wellbeing of the people of Jamaica. He disclosed that the South Korean nation had successfully managed the spread of the corona virus – and were therefore eager to assist others.

“South Korea also suffered from initial cases of group infection but has since been recognized as a successful case of prevention due to the management of tracking infection paths using IT technology, expanding diagnosis targets, and excellent prevention systems and active participation of citizens. This excellent performance has resulted in more than 120 countries struggling with COVID-19, such as the United States, asking us for assistance with medical equipment as well as protection systems,” he shared.
Adding that, it was their pleasure to help, as South Korea also received assistance in their hour of need. “We are giving a helping hand without forgetting our allies that helped us when we were in trouble,” he said.

Meanwhile, President & CEO of JPS, Emanuel DaRosa, who was also on hand for the ceremony, expressed his pleasure at the progress this would mean for the health sector. “We applaud the Government of Jamaica on its efforts to manage the COVID-19 crisis so far,” he said, “and we look forward to an early flattening of the curve as more tests are expedited,” he pointed out.

Health Minister, Christopher Tufton, in his reply, thanked the EWP for its contribution, noting that the South Korean experience and success in handling the present health challenge posed by COVID-19, could make for useful learning for local authorities. He also expressed appreciation for the continued friendship and bilateral partnership between South Korea and Jamaica.

Dr. Carl Bruce, Chief of Medical Staff at UHWI, in expressing thanks on behalf of the hospital and patients, also noted that the significant boost in testing capacity would make a positive difference to the health care being delivered.

Today’s donation is valued at approximately US$200,000 or roughly J$35Million.

JPS reminds everyone to stay safe and adhere to the guidelines for good health in this challenging season.

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