JPS Succeeds in Reducing Number of Estimated Bills – Work Continues in Tivoli Gardens, Granville and others






August 25, 2020

JPS is succeeding in reducing the number of estimated bills received by some of its customers. This is due to extensive upgrading of the communication network used to remotely read meters in some communities on the Residential Advanced Metering system.

As a result, customers in communities such as Seaview Gardens in St. Andrew, as well as Old Harbour Bay and other Old Harbour communities in St. Catherine have been seeing a significant reduction in the number of estimated bills being received. Over 90% of these customers are now receiving bills based on actual readings.

The network upgrade is also taking place in St. James in the communities of Granville and Tucker, as well as Tivoli Gardens in Kingston – with an expected completion date of November 30.

Under the guaranteed standard of service the Company strives to send customers no more than two consecutive estimated bills. If there is failure to meet the standard, customers are compensated in keeping with the breach payment established.

JPS remains committed to providing quality power supply and to continuously improving all aspects of its operations.

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