JPS Welcomes Audit by OUR – Wants Transparency for All Customers and Jamaica



June 16, 2020

JPS has announced that it welcomes the audit to be conducted by the Office of Utilities Regulations (OUR) on its operations. The Company, which has been taken to task in recent times because of high bills, has been at pains to point out there are a number of reasons for this, including increased usage by some residential customers, the cost of fuel and the devaluation of the Jamaican dollar. In response to the general complaints, the OUR will now conduct an audit of JPS’ operations. “We welcome the Minister’s call for an audit and stand ready to assist in this process. This can only help to bring clarity and transparency to the JPS operations and how we serve our customers,” said JPS Senior Vice President, Ramsay McDonald. Members of the JPS executive leadership team will be meeting with Cabinet on Monday June 22, and will be providing the OUR with any requested data. In the meantime, JPS continues to assist customers with their queries, and remains dedicated to serving the public with the highest level of service


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