JPS Working in 9 Communities to Help Persons become Legal Customers Residents Encouraged to get premises wired and passed for legalization

March 10, 2021 

JPS will be working in nine (9) communities over the next 6 months, to help persons become legal customers.  This will take place through an upgrade of the electricity infrastructure serving these areas, in addition to discussions with key stakeholders, including political representatives.  The upgrade will result in improved power quality, safer power supply for residents and regularization across the board, for users of electricity, due to the installation of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure system.  The programme, which is being implemented by the Community Renewal arm of the Company, will take place in a number of parishes. In Kingston and St. Andrew, the communities include: Phase 2 of Melbrook Heights, August Town, Cassava Piece, Phase 1 of Grants Pen and Marverley.  The communities of Montpelier in St. James, Lilliput-Phase 1 in St. James, Annotto Bay in St. Mary and Steer Town in St. Ann, are also slated for upgrades.

The initiative will also see JPS team members reaching out through social initiatives.  In addition to maintaining close dialogue with the residents through community meetings, teams will also host educational energy management sessions, including fun formats (such as the Race to Save Energy Competitions in some communities) and energy audits. The teams will also be carrying out an LED light bulb swap initiative in the areas.  The Company will also be working closely with Community Facilitators and Ambassadors, who will assist persons to understand the regularization process.

We continue to work in aiding persons to have safe, reliable and legitimate electricity service. This will not only improve the lives of residents, but also help to promote responsible behavior. So we now strongly encourage residents who are not currently on the grid, to get their premises wired and passed in readiness for the complete transition of the community’s electricity system,” said Senior Vice President of Customer Service, Ramsay McDonald.  

The JPS Community Renewal Programme which was first established in 2014, has been successful in converting over roughly 7,500 households to legitimate electricity usage in communities such as Ellerslie Gardens, Tawes Meadows, Red Pond, Standpipe, Maxfield, Majesty Gardens and Canaan Heights.  

This leg of the Project is slated to be completed by August of this year. 

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