Castries, December 10, 2021St. Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) is pleased to announce the following appointments as part of the company’s ongoing succession planning programme – Mr. Gary Eugene to the position of Transmission & Distribution (T&D) Manager, Ms. Maxine Leon to the position of System Control Engineer (SCE) and Mr. Ormond Reece to the position of Planning Manager.

Mr. Eugene holds a MEng (a highly specialized Master’s degree in Engineering) with a specialization in Electronics Engineering from the University of Leeds in the UK. He is a Registered Professional Engineer who joined the company in November 1995 as a Trainee Engineer. In January 2011, he was appointed System Control Engineer before taking up an Acting appointment to lead T&D, the company’s largest department in September 2019. He was appointed T&D Manager on July 1, 2021, a post left vacant by the appointment of Gilroy Pultie to Chief Engineer in late 2020.

Ms. Maxine Leon was also appointed to her new post on July 1, 2021. She replaced Mr. Eugene as System Control Engineer and is the highest ranking female engineer within CARILEC. She is the youngest person and the second female appointed to serve as the LUCELEC System Control Engineer. Ms. Leon has a BSc in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the University of the West Indies in St Augustine, Trinidad. She joined the company in January 2009 as a Trainee Engineer and has held the post of Assistant SCE – Operations and Networking. She took up an Acting appointment as SCE from September to October 2019 and again from January 2020 to July 2021. The System Control Engineer heads the company’s System Control Department.

Mr. Ormond Reece holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Power Systems from the University of Bath in the UK and an ACCA Diploma in Financial Management. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine campus in Trinidad. Before taking up the post of Planning Manager on November 1, 2021 – Mr. Reece was the System Planning Engineer in the department. He joined LUCELEC in 2003 and has also served as the Assistant Planning Engineer in the Planning Department and Protection and Control Engineer in the System Control Department.  Mr. Reece replaces Mr. Cornelius Edmund who retired from the company in August 2021, having served for 34 years and 7 months.

All three Managers are based at the LUCELEC power station in Cul-de-Sac.


  Gary Eugene

Maxine Leon

Ormond Reece

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