Morristown Utilities and Pulaski Electric System Named as CoRecipients of Community Strong Award for Exemplary Work to Support Their Communities During COVID-19


NORWALK, CT – December 08, 2020 – Smart grid technology leader Tantalus Systems is excited to recognize two utilities leveraging their smart grid and AMI solutions to help keep their local communities thriving despite ongoing challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

During Tantalus’ annual Users Conference, Tantalus recognized Morristown Utilities (MU) and Pulaski Electric System (PES) as co-recipients of this year’s Community Strong award which included a contribution of $5,000 to each utility in support of their programs to provide economic assistance to customers who are unable to pay their utility bills.

“As we consider the implications of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the growing crisis for individuals across North America who are at risk of losing vital utility services due to an inability to pay for power and water, Tantalus remains steadfast in its commitment to enable public power and electric cooperative utilities to proactively support their communities and members. As we evaluated submissions received from utilities across our User Community for our Community Strong award, we chose to recognize two utilities for going above and beyond their core responsibility of delivering electricity and water by providing immediate economic assistance to individuals struggling to pay their power bills,” said Peter Londa, President & CEO of Tantalus Systems. “I am truly honored to highlight Morristown Utilities and Pulaski Electric System as recipients of this year’s Community Strong award and acknowledge their dedicated efforts to serve their communities during these challenging times.”

MU and PES each committed matching funds in partnership with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to provide economic assistance to those in need of help to pay their monthly utility bills. PES provided $20,000 in direct economic relief across their community in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, PES postponed disconnects for four months when the pandemic first began. PES is currently providing support across Giles County through a second round of their Community Care Fund, which is where the $5,000 Community Strong award from Tantalus will be allocated, increasing the overall fund to $25,000.

Through Project Help, MU partnered with TVA to initially create a $60,000 fund to support their customers who required assistance paying monthly utility bills ensuring that power would stay on at their homes. As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact their community, MU launched Operation Help whereby businesses and individuals may donate funds to support customers of MU who are in need of economic assistance. The contribution from Tantalus will be placed into this new program, which includes matching dollars from MU up to $50,000. “We are honored to be recognized as a Community Strong recipient for our program which has gained the attention and support of members from our own community who have also made donations to assist their neighbors,” said Jody Wigington, General Manager, Chief Executive Officer at Morristown Utilities. “Project Help provided immediate assistance to those in need during these troubling times. In addition to providing economic assistance, we simultaneously leveraged Tantalus’ smart grid and advanced metering capabilities to identify those who were falling behind on their bills and provide them with flexible options to get back on track and maintain vital services for their family. Our new program, Operation Help, will similarly assist individuals and we truly appreciate Tantalus’ recognition and contribution in helping our community navigate through this pandemic.”

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